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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Greed and negligence by leaders in Japan

First it was New Zealand and then it was Japan. Both sit on the ring of fire, plates on the earth that are unstable and prone to both earthquakes and volcanoes.
The disaster of an earthquake and the tsunami that followed was an act of nature. Less so was the fact that a nuclear power plant simply blew up.
The last one is totally man made. Lately even the liberals and many leftist have said it is better to risk something that might kill you as opposed to something we know will (meaning the constant belching of coal and CO2 we know will cause green house gasses).
Global warming is a serious issue so we were all right to look for alternative fuels. For years liberals, Trotskyites and other left wingers warned of a nuclear disaster if we kept relying on nuclear power. Even the quasi socialist Soviet Union was using nuclear power. Well, we are about to find out the worst that can happen if we continue to rely on such dangerous fuels.
We do have some use of wind power, solar power, electro-power dams, alcohol and other forms of energy that move us away from nuclear and fossil fuels. But the leaders of this country (and little doubt others) want energy they can control and profit from.
Naturally there is a class warfare aspect to this which has been posted on Kasama Project by Posted by Mike E on March 15, 2011;
Thanks to Signalfire and Entdinglichung for this. It helps us kick off an exposure of capitalism’s hand in these horrific events…..

The ongoing events in Japan starkly illustrate the suicidal irrationality of capitalist society.

True enough, but I would go one step further and say that this is an example of modern human arrogance against nature. It comes from the Biblical belief that humans are masters of the earth and nature and nature exists to serve human kind. This may be the hardest lesson yet that we are part of nature and unable to truly control it.
Too many people care about creature comforts and are not willing to listen to reason about the consequences of taking from the earth without putting anything back. The capitalist system is worst of all since greedy captains of industry rob the environment and cut corners for a quick buck. Maybe this is a wake up call. -សតិវ អតុ

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