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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reunited Maoists a security threat?

Again this is an article about the advantages to having a new international and being able to aid another revolutionary group when necessary-សតិវ អតុ
From and The Times of India;

NEW DELHI: Maoist parties across South Asia have decided to reunite after about five years to strengthen the naxalite movement in the region. The move could be a cause for concern for the security forces combating the Maoist movement in India and elsewhere.
At a secret meeting held in the first week of March, probably in Nepal, it was decided that the Maoist from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka will consolidate their forces to take on the state power.
The fourth convention of Co-ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia was held in 2006, but there was a lull for the past five years because of the developments in Nepal. As per the new resolution, "People all over the world look up to the Maoists in Nepal to break out of conspiracies and advance determinedly towards the completion of new democratic revolution."

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