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Monday, June 20, 2011

Want to Join Revolutionary Unity?

I am not a wiz at finding solutions to the Socialist problem in the US, which is basically “how will” a lot of working class conservatives join a revolutionary group. But they are farming and here are at least one who have agreed to take on the US bourgeoisie. -សតិវ អតុ

By revunity
The Revolutionary Unity Group is only open to members of the Socialist Party USA. In order to join RU, you must first join the SPUSA. Once you’re approved for membership, please contact RU about joining our tendency.
For comrades in the Party, the process is as follows:
  1. SP member lets a Revolutionary Unity member know that s/he is interested in joining the group.
  2. The Applicant writes an essay. The essay should be on the Applicant’s views on socialism, the problems of our movement, the problems of our Party, etc.
  3. Interested members of RUG will contact the Applicant to interview them about their essay. This is meant to be challenging, to push the applicant to really engage and think deeply about the problems of our movement in general and our party specifically.
  4. The Applicant may rewrite the essay based on the discussion, if s/he so chooses. Whether or not the Applicant wishes to join RUG after this is up to the Applicant.
  5. The Applicant’s essay may be posted on the RevUnity blog.

Sample Topics for Essay

  1. What does socialism mean to you?
  2. Why did socialism fail to achieve victory in the 20th Century?
  3. What does it mean to be a revolutionary?
  4. What is your political background? How would you describe your current political orientation and practice–locally, nationally, and internationally?
  5. What does the term “revolutionary unity” mean to you, both in terms of the Socialist Party and the socialist movement?
  6. What do you think the role of the SP-USA should be in building and maintaining activist coalitions?  How do you think RUG should participate?
  7. What issues are you most involved with right now? What are others that you would like to be engaged with, or get to know more about? What kinds of actions or projects do you think would best implement the RUG Points of Unity?
  8. What experiences have  you had with electoral politics?  What direction do you think the SP-USA should be going in, electorally?
  9. What guidelines do you think should be in place for SP members who want to become candidates for political office?
  10. How would you characterize your commitment to socialist feminism?  What is your position on a woman’s right to choose? 
Send your essay to Someone from our tendency will contact you.

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