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Monday, June 20, 2011

Operation Rescue harasses Planned Parenthood, runs out of money

Kansas Republicans have already cut all government funding to Planned Parenthood of Kansas, but that doesn’t satisfy Operation Rescue. OR has sued Planned Parenthood claimingthere are 107 criminal charges related to illegal late-term abortions.
In Kansas only one Planned Parenthood clinic does any abortions and they are a very small part of what these clinics do. OR is supposed to be an anti-abortion (pro-life) group, yet its attacks seem aimed at stopping all birth control services as well as prenatal care to pregnant low income women.
“They claim that 99 percent of our services are abortion related,” said Kari Ann Rinker,for Planned Parenthood. “That is a lie. The truth is closer to 5 percent.”
She also said that legislators on capital hill have an agenda and they don’t care that the many services offered by Planned Parenthood, such as pap smears, breast exams and prenatal care would not be available to poor women without insurance. She said for every dollar spent on Planned Parenthood, it would cost this society six dollars for poor people’s services,” according to the Idiot Factor Kansas blog.
According to OR’s web site:

“This is nothing more than a continuation of Planned Parenthood’s 8-year effort to cover-up – and ultimately destroy – the evidence against them. They are wrongly hiding behind the skirts of their patients’ privacy rights in order to conceal their crimes,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “These documents have all been so censored that no one could ever guess a patient’s identity, especially after eight years. Planned Parenthood’s motions are really an underhanded attempt to subvert justice.”….
“Operation Rescue has worked for eight years to expose Planned Parenthood’s wrong-doing in Kansas and prevent this case from being swept under the rug,” said Newman. “We continue to work to help the public understand the often complicated legal twists and turns, and keep this criminal prosecution in the public eye. There is a lot at stake, not the least of which are the innocent lives of pre-born babies.”
So the organization continues to ignore all the other services Planned Parenthood does and treats the organization as if it is an illegal abortion set-up. All OR’s attacks are unfounded. The Kansas City Star recently reported that Operation Rescue is running out of money. Maybe without Dr. George Tiller and his clinic, many people realize that OR has outlasted its mission and is now irrelevant to Kansas politics.


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