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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Maoist Communist Movement in Tunisia is quite close to the PCMF

This is a  Google translation of the statement below;

PCMI - Proletari Comunista, PC Indian Maoist PCR or Canada, with
which he signed a statement on 1 May

Address sent from the Maoist Communist Movement in Tunisia:

For the attention of the conference on the Middle East and North Africa

Expensive / dear comrades
Sorry for not being able to attend your conference, we
salute your initiative and consider this statement as a
Expensive / dear comrades, Scandone together, workers around the world
and oppressed people unite!

1 - We would like to inform workers and oppressed peoples of all
country that the laboring masses in Tunisia triggered the spark of
insurgency that has spread to Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Morocco and
Syria not to mention the protests in Algeria and the Gulf emirates.
We emphasize that this is indeed spontaneous insurrections, violent
have drained all the lower classes: workers, peasants, unemployed,
artisans, students, public officials and even the professions
liberal, such as lawyers, doctors etc..
These insurgencies remain without proletarian leadership, victims of
shenanigans reactionary fundamentalist medieval promises, and
opportunist and reformist parties, like the reaction, say,
wrongly, that it is a revolution.

2-These insurgencies have shown that the contradiction between the
imperialists on the one hand and workers and other oppressed peoples
part is not diminished but rather sharpened as a result of policy
decreed by the IMF and the World Bank responsible for poverty
people, unemployment, and all the ills that plague society semi
colonial, semi-feudal. These uprisings have proven once again that
semi colonies are hotbeds of revolution, home where focus
three contradictions that govern the world. These insurrections were
also demonstrated unequivocally that the people can be self-controlled,
can take their destiny in hand and dictate laws, it was he who wrote
history, contrary to the imperialists and reactionaries
glorifying the role of the individual. But people without advanced
revolutionary can not change anything, even worse, it feels bruised
Seeing his revolt kidnapped, his power usurped by the reaction and
opportunists of all stripes.

3 - Faced with this tidal wave that swept people on these Arab countries,
imperialist system has mobilized and lent a hand to his servants
premises to quell insurgency that wave, he has sent
advisors, money earmarked to help the comprador, bureaucrat
and feudal lords to face the popular uprising that continues despite the
repression and false promises, for the people who paid with his life
the uprising and has sacrificed his youth, has still not been in
counterpart. Remains poor, destitute, deprived of freedom and

4 - the insurgency is in danger, the risk of spontaneous revolutionary spirit
weaken and eventually be stifled, if not the revolutionary forces
not take their responsibility for putting itself at the forefront of struggles
Current exploding all-out, sometimes with no prospects. The masses
want to protect their popular uprising - "Revolution" - as they
say, but the reaction, the Muslim Brotherhood and the opportunism of the left
are on the alert, three enemies lie in wait, they want to recover
slogans of the uprising, but the people stand still and motion
Maoist, though minority, advance by leaps and bounds with his tactics
refusing class collaboration and peaceful coexistence in
same structures with the reactionary forces of the former power,
Muslim Brotherhood and the union bureaucracy. The Maoist movement opens
for a revolutionary popular movement, in
independent structures of the reaction and opportunistic reported. This
direction of the popular committees may, with the development of
class consciousness of the masses, clearing the path to the outbreak
of armed struggle in the countryside in turmoil, only alternative
revolutionary liberation of the masses as no Army
People the people have nothing.

The 5-Maoist communist movement has unveiled the so-called early
Protection Committees of the revolution, these committees were appointed,
parachuted with no downstream popular several committees are composed in
Moreover, the Muslim Brotherhood endorsed by the Communist Workers Party
Tunisia, which was in alliance with the fundamentalists in the context of
Movement of 18 October, "rcdistes" (on the RCD, the party in power)
and the union bureaucracy that has it all plotted with the
provisional government in place. The Maoist movement has defended the committees
Popular from the people, independently of government, the Muslim Brotherhood and
the left represented by the opportunistic Communist Workers Party
Tunisian claimed the Labour Party and the Democratic Patriot
Democratic patriot movement. These parties, known as the left have only one
enemy, the Maoist movement, which they see as a movement
dogmatic, sectarian, uncivil, populist or even terrorist.

6 - expensive, dear comrades
We Communists Maoists in Tunisia, have fought for more than 40 years
against the reactionary regime, servant of imperialism, and against
opportunism on the left that has undermined the people's movement and tries
again and again to engage in the voice of working class
declare that the struggle continues against the powers that be, the brothers
Muslim Reform and the alternative revolution of the "New
Democracy ", and socialist and communist. While the trails are
tortuous, but the future remains bright, the sacrifices are great, but
victory pleasing and sumptuous.

7 - We express our support for the struggles of the forces
revolutionaries around the world and call to draw the Communists
lessons of the struggles in the imperialist citadels and wars
Popular occurring in India, Peru, the efforts Philippines.Nos
must converge to develop our struggle for the revolution
proletarian world, waving the flag of internationalism
proletarian and strengthen the unity of the communists and Maoists realize
by revolutionary and effective international structures.

Long live the proletarian and popular struggles for a world without exploitation
and oppression.

Down with imperialism and its lackeys.
Long live Marxism-Leninism - Maoism.
For a more consistent proletarian internationalism.

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