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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Religious Right tries to control us all- Topless sunbathing for women

The religious right is best known in Wichita for it crusades against abortion and homosexuals. In some places, in the US, there are women who want the same rights to go topless on beaches as men do. This infuriates right-wing Christians who are determined to push their views on society as a whole. They pretend to speak for everyone and they bring out shame of a person’s sexuality and blather on about standards that many people find obsolete. They also claim it harms children. Many countries already allow topless sunbathing for women and religious activist are out to take away their rights also. They claim it harms children. They don’t feel the need to explain why a women’s breast or nipple is harmful to children. They just say “What about my children seeing that?” So what about it? Do they turn to stone?
Around the world, right-wing religious groups try to re-establish outdated and un-necessary rules on morality that the rest of us have out-grown. There are religions that leave people alone to decide issues for themselves. For those of us who are not Christians such attempts to control our private lives are nothing short of authoritarian repression to beliefs we don’t share.
The simple fact is that we don’t share these religious beliefs, we don’t need them, and we don’t want to be forced to follow them. This is one problem some of us have with religion. If religious people want our respect, it is a two way street.
-តិវ​ អតុ

Even in other countries, such as Australia;

Go Topless Day at venice Beach from Tony Vera on Vimeo.

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