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Friday, June 03, 2011

Turkey imprisons political activists and journalists

Association for Proletarian Solidarity (ASP);

Let’s struggle in solidarity with all the Turkish and Kurdish political prisoners!

Let’s denounce Turkish regime crimes!

Freedom for Necati Abay!

Necati Abay, author of Atilim newspaper and spokesperson of Solidarity Platform of the Imprisoned Journalists was sentenced to 18 years and 9 months in relation with the case of Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) by Istanbul 12th Assize Court.

This is only one of the many trials by the Turkish regime of Ankara against all those democratic, communist, anti imperialist and pacifist that are struggling against the violence and the crimes of the capitalist exploitation and his genocide against Kurdish people.

This sentence against Nacati Abay is a serious attack on democratic freedoms, Abay has been sentenced because of his activities as journalist, because of his authorship activity in Atilim newspaper and his effective struggle in the Solidarity Platform for Imprisoned Journalists as a spokesperson for 8 years and of the central role he played in signature campaigns as an intellectual.
The political and judicial persecution of the revolutionary and democratic opposition in Turkey is increasing and spreading as the general crisis of capitalism affects the whole world and therefore also Turkey, and makes the popular masses face increasing dismissals, salaries reduction, savings depletion, growing debts, loss of democratic rights, and so on.

As life conditions of a wider and wider part of the population are worsening, unrest, opposition and fights are increasing. The popular masses struggle against war, high cost of living, -on-the-job fatalities, environmental devastation, rearmament, massacre of oppressed peoples, marginalization, violence, financing fascist and racist squads, oppressions and cheats by the bourgeois and their parties. Many struggles are growing in Turkey so as in large part of the world, and everywhere the ruling classes are more and more resorting to repression.

Necati Abay has been sentenced because he represents a pillar of moral and intellectual strength of the people's struggle against capitalist exploitation, He has been sentenced because with his activity in Atilim he shows a way out from the cultural, moral, social and economic impoverishment to which the ruling class of Turkey want to condemn all Turkish people.

We declare our solidarity with Necati Abay.
We ask all the popular organizations all the popular masses movements and to all the democratic people to express international solidarity with Necati Abay:
We ask to protest against this fascist sentence of the Turkish regime.
We ask for the immediate release of Necati Abay.

Long live the international and class solidarity with all revolutionary and democratic prisoners!

Let’s struggle against imperialist prisons and fascist courts, solitary confinement, tortures, bloodsheds, enforced disappearances in Turkey, Israel, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, India, Philippines, Colombia and all over the world where the imperialist and their lackeys rule!
Long live the Socialist Platform of the Oppressed!

Freedom for the imprisoned journalists Necati Abay !

The world we are living in is shaken by heavy convulsions from end to end. They are the convulsions of the old world dying and of the new world rising. The old world splits in two, one part going to die and the other going to give birth to the communist society, a new phase in humanity’s history  (Manifesto Program of the (new) Italian Communist Party)-

Association for Proletarian Solidarity (ASP)
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