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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Turmoil in Greece continues

Greece, Spain, and possibly other countries in Europe are not willing to just put up with the austerity measures the US people have quietly accepted for the most part. Greece has had massive demonstrations against its government, complete with anarchist “black block” tactics.
Police fired repeated volleys of tear gas to repel rioters hurling firebombs and ripped-up paving stones as an anti-austerity rally by tens of thousands of protesters degenerated into violence. A crowd of youths smashed the windows of a luxury hotel in the square. More than 60 people were injured, including 36 police, as clouds of choking gas wafted through central Athens. Bewildered tourists struggled through the mayhem, dragging their luggage behind them…..
This new turmoil may be a turning point for the Western Alliance and NATO itself. It is possible that the failure of these states during a major depression may signal an inability to rubber stamp and help out the US Empire. Again, according to Yahoo News;
Prime Minister George Papandreou has been struggling to contain an internal party revolt over a new austerity package that is the main condition for continued funding from a euro110 billion ($155 billion) international bailout. Without continued funding from the rescue loans, Greece will default on its massive debts — which would unsettle the global economy and undermine the future of the eurozone.
Even more important, Tea Party Republicans here should consider the possibility that attacks on the US poor may backfire as desperate Americans see others rebelling and taking back their countries.
Spain is also in rebellion. According to The Kasama Project;
“‘Homeless, Jobless, Futureless, Fearless,’ ‘Our dreams can’t fit in your ballot boxes,’ ‘System Error Message from the Spanish Revolution’ these are some of the slogans of the “Indignados” (“The Outraged”) movement that has swept Spain since 15 May and is continuing in various forms today. On 25 June hundreds of people set out on foot in sweltering heat from Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Cadiz and other cities in marches expected to converge on Madrid in July. Following are condensed excerpts from a report on the tumultuous first two weeks when the members of a young generation once considered politically indifferent and inert first forced their way onto the political stage. They have launched an intense debate previously almost forbidden by “common sense”, not to mention the country’s power structure, including the main left and right parties, about the desirability, possibility and modalities of radical change.
“This movement shares some features with the likewise unexpected revolt in the Arab countries, which helped inspire it, most notably an often fearless rejection of the status quo coupled with the idea that democratic reforms may be able to bring about basic change without a revolutionary seizure of power.”
The bottom line is that the kind of austerity measures being implemented here, are also being forced on Europe. It could cause the collapse of the European Union or it could even lead to a revolution. These are important times for revolutionaries in Europe.

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