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Monday, July 11, 2011

Brownback picks anti-abortion lawyer for the Kansas medical board

 Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;


Usually appointing someone to a board which will decide sensitive issues means picking someone we expect to be impartial. That would include picking unbiased judges and board members who will make unbiased opinions.
So why has our Governor, Sam Brownback, nominated an Operation Rescue attorney to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts? That defence attorney is Richard Macias.
The Board of Healing Arts is tasked with licensing and disciplining Kansas physicians, a role that is particularly sensitive given that both Brownback and the Kansas legislature have worked tirelessly to pass and enforce legislation that is specifically targeted at abortion providers, according to RH Reality Check.

It would seem logical to put a person with an extensive medical background rather than an attorney to decide medical decisions. Macias is a lawyer whose practice concerns adoption cases. So what other medial background does he have? Apparently the answer is none. What will he know about other matters or decisions concerning medical procedures of other doctors?
This appointment is purely political and designed to stack the deck against Planned Parenthood and any abortion clinics here in Kansas.
Gov. Brownback is clearly putting politics before medical care here in Kansas.


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