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Thursday, July 07, 2011

"Stop Green Hunt" -India

Committee of Solidarity with the people of India
Florence - via dei Conciatori 4 rosso
From from CARC Party;
Solidarity with NO TAV*  people and the movement of the Susa Valley

We express our full solidarity with the people of the Susa Valley and with those who struggle against the TAV project, a useless and harmful work, useful only for interests of the powerful cement lobby.
Sunday, 3rd July, there was a huge event with about 70,000 people who claimed their sovereignty over land management and blockaded the yard of La Maddalena, imposed by violence against the law, by the government with thousands of policemen on 27th June.
Once again, the police attacked the demonstrators who approached the site by shooting tear gas, even at eye level and against the march, attended by thousands of people, women and children, and hitting hard those who wished to resist against the military occupation of the valley.
To hide the facts and demean unanimous opposition to the TAV project, almost all the media have spread unacceptable falsehoods about the grand event on Sunday, telling of "extremist groups", outside the valley, separated and opposed to the population, which would attacked the police departments with terrorist methods.
We were present in the Susa Valley and we know that things have not gone this way and that this latest repression will not stop the determined struggle of the NO TAV movement, as happened in Genoa** ten years ago!
We wish to emphasize that, although in a different context, even in the resistance of the Indian people against multinationals plans to deport entire populations in order to exploit their land, to devastate the environment and to make profits ("Operation Green Hunt"), they use false arguments as that of "fighting terrorism" to militarily occupy those lands, to divide and suppress the movement with a bloodshed, as Indian activist and writer Arundhati Roy boldly denounced.
For this let us renew our solidarity with the people of the Susa Valley and the Indian people to defend the basic right to live and be sovereign in its territory.

Florentine Committee
"Stop Green Hunt"

Florence 6th July, 2011

* Translator’s Note: NO TAV is the Italian movement against the High Speed Train Project. TAV (Treni ad Alta Velocità) means High Speed Train.
** Ten years ago at G8 Summit  in Genoa the police beat up thousands of people, hurted hundreds and killed the young Carlo Giuliani.

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