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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unrest moves to Chile

The Google Translation;

The student movement has gained significant issues such as the low interest credit-guaranteed, almost 6% to 2%, and reducing student debt arrears. The mobilizations have pressured enough that the government has to go caving in this kind of demand that are relevant to the vast majority of students and graduates of our country ..............( Read more)

The original;

El movimiento estudiantil ha conquistado cuestiones significativas como es la baja de los intereses del crédito con aval del Estado, de casi un 6% a un 2%, y la reducción de la deuda de los estudiantes morosos. Las movilizaciones han presionado lo suficiente para que el gobierno tenga que ir cediendo en ese tipo de exigencias que son relevantes para la gran mayoría de los estudiantes y egresados de nuestro país..............(Leer más)


Clashes in Chile as workers stage 48-hour strike

Chile is set for the second day of a 48-hour national strike called by the main trade unions who are demanding a raft of reforms.

Wednesday's stoppage began peacefully but violent clashes erupted after some demonstrators erected burning barricades and threw stones.
Officials said 348 people were arrested and dozens injured.
The stoppage comes amid ongoing student protests to press for education reform.
Chile's main trade union federation, the CUT, said civil servants, transport and dock workers, teachers and students had joined the stoppage.
But the government said most workers had ignored the strike call.
The protests began peacefully with people banging of pots and pans in a show of discontent known as "cacerolazo".

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