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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Nepal Maoists turn in their guns

The United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) just handed keys over to the Nepali military and government of the arms of the People’s Liberation Army. This has many people worried that without control of the military, the Maoist revolution is bound to fail. The Maoist have made an agreement with the other parties to form a new government. Probably their main opposition is the Nepal Congress Party which openly opposes taking part in a government with the Maoists. -សតិវ អតុ

A meeting of the AISC held on Wednesday decided to take the command and control of the cantonments and the weapons.
The keys of the weapon containers would be handed over to the Special Committee through the cantonment monitors. There are seven main cantonment sites and 21 satellite camps……
PM Bhattarai woos UML leadership to establish ‘national consensus’ govt
Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai continued to busy himself with high-level political parleys in a bid to turn his majority government into a government of “national consensus” on Wednesday.
He reached the residence of former prime minister and CPN (UML) chairman Jhala Nath Khanal at Dallu today morning to convince the UML leadership to join the Maoist-led government.
During the meeting, PM Bhattarai requested Khanal to send his party into the government with the former leftist partner to ease the ongoing constitution drafting and peace process.
In reply, Khanal said that UML won’t join the new government just now, but assured PM Bhattarai of his party’s full support in the running of the government.
The two leaders also discussed ways to push ahead the stalled army integration process at the meeting, it is learnt.
Talking to media-persons later, Khanal said that if UML, Maoists, Nepali Congress and other political parties are able to forge consensus on important national agendas and issues including peace and constitution, then the possibility of establishing a national consensus government can’t be ruled out.
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From Kasama Project,

Nepal’s Crossroads: Without a people’s army, the people have nothing

Posted by Mike E on June 30, 2011
This statement emerges from within the Kasama Project — in internationalist communist solidarity with the revolutionary movement of Nepal’s people
By Eric Ribellarsi and Mike Ely
Co-signers: Firewolf Bizahaloni-Wong, Jed Brandt, Luis Chavez, J.B. Connors, Joel Cosgrove, Gregory E, Red Fox, Gary, chegitz guevara, Rosa Harris, Lee  James, Eddy Laing, Bill Martin, Stephanie McMillan, Giovanni Navarrete, Stiofan Obuadhaigh, Radical Eyes, Redpines, Alastair Reith, Enzo Rhyner, Harry Sims, John Steele, Kathie Strom, Tell No Lies, Adolfo V., Nat W., Fanshen Wong, Liam Wright
 For over twenty years, the impoverished and isolated peoples in the southern Himalayan foothills have risen up to remake themselves and their world. Now, after the sacrifices of a whole generation, the future of their movement and society hangs in the balance:
Will the revolutionary sections of the people be able to carry through the struggle to create the radically new Nepal they have dreamed of? Or will the accomplishments of their struggle so far be consolidated into something that falls short of liberation?
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From United Communist Party of Nepal (M);

Present Situation and Historical Task of the Proletariat

Dear Comrades,

Today, our great and glorious party, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), has arrived at a serious and extraordinary juncture of possibilities and challenges. 

The way how people's revolution, in the external struggle, is advancing amid immense possibility of victory and serious danger of defeat, in the same manner, party's internal life, as a reflection of the former, also lies in the midst of potentiality of advance and danger of anarchism and chaos as well. The height to which we can create new unity, voluntary discipline, self-confidence and vigour by means of a correct line, strategy, tactic, plan and programme to ensure as far as possible the decisive victory of revolution in this complex crossroads of class struggle, to that level will we be able to make victorious the revolution and party by safeguarding them from the danger of defeat and anarchism. In order to develop that kind of line and plan, we, by abandoning all kinds of subjective prejudices, must be able to have objective estimation of the situation and balance of class force based on the universal theories of MLM. The plan and programme prepared on the basis of objective analysis will enable our party to lead the decisive victory of revolution. Expressing high regard and esteem to the entire known and unknown martyrs of Nepalese people's revolution including those of ten years of people's war and admiring the entire disappeared, injured fighters and their family members, this plenum of the central committee will be able to bring about a new dynamism in our party.

1)   A short evaluation of present situation

a)   On the international situation
After the dissolution of erstwhile Soviet Union and so-called "end" of cold war, the academic pundits of western imperialism widely propagated that capitalism had become "absolute", communist ideology and communism had "ended" and the "unipolar" world had been established. The premeditated propaganda is going on, but the whole imperialist world order has now entrapped into a dreadful global economic crisis. To have emerged an epicentre of new global economic crisis in the United States of America that had been presenting oneself as a leader of the world imperialism after the Second World War imparts a special meaning and implication.
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' नेपाली - नेपाली जुधाएर यो राष्ट्रलाई समाप्त
पार्ने भयानक षड्यन्त्र हुँदैछ '

-अध्यक्ष . प्रचण्ड

हामी अब ठगिन चाहँदैनौं भारतसंग हामी समानताको सम्बन्ध चा हन्छौँ। हामी अब २१ औं शताब्दीको भारतीय जनता २१ औं शताब्दीका गणतान्त्रिक नेपाली जनताको बीचमा सुमधुर सम्बन्ध होस्, भारत नेपालको बीचमा पनि बराबरीको सम्बन्ध होस्, ठूलो दाइ सानो भाइ जस्तोको व्यवहार नहोस्, हामीले यो चाहेका छौं हामीले चाहेको यत्ति हो हामी हाम्रोलाई हाम्रो मात्र भनेका छौं, हामी अर्काकोलाई हाम्रो भनेका छैनौं ...

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