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Thursday, October 13, 2011

RIM Returns with Maoist Road

Not every Maoist group belongs to Revolutionary International Movement (RIM), but the group has formed again and many of the former member parties are back in it. Some that notably aren’t include the US Revolutionary Communist Party. Some members object over Bob Avakian’s New Synthesis. The RIM is also not supporting the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) until the Prachanda faction is ousted. That’s what I have read so far. Anyone can now access the group’s web page, documents and be able to keep up with Maoist parties in other parts of the world. -សតិវអតុ

From Revolutionary Initiative (Canada);

MAOIST ROAD #1 now available in English

The first English edition of the International Maoist Review ‘
Maoist Road
’ is now available. Red salute to all the comrades and organizations who put this together! The reorganization of the ICM and the regroupement of MLM organizations is long overdue, and the release of this journal marks an important step in that direction.
The contents of this issue are listed below. We will reproduce the most significant content in the coming days and weeks in html format. You can download the entire journal as a .pdf file from this link. -R.I.

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