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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PCM-Against New Italian government MONTI

Google Translation;

The government should be born in Monti week, although the situation is notso linear.The events just and sacred to the resignation of Berlusconi, havecreated a problem .. shared and painless passage wanted by Napolitanoby the main parties in parliament has had a setback .. on pdland Berlusconi himself has now responded, and the vote of support is stillrisk .. the pd is found to be the only solid supporter of a governmenttechnical words, as a third pole in the facts, and this could not createproblems within the party.The hysterical reaction of the Northern League and the reactionary-maldipancia Di Pietro andVendola we are, but do not count much on the outcome of the crisis.The problem is that a government in the dark mountains, and is a pre-election governicchiothis deepens the crisis rather than resolve it from the point of viewMerkozy and masters.Mountains Announces Government of Bocconi and the Vatican, with a series ofMinisters that if they are unknown, but for the people known for theirfunctions and positions in good environments, in addition to charactersessays designed to reaffirm the modern fascist police-state -state of war of the new government .. The Social Fascists in pink gloves AmatoGeneral Mosca Moschini-defense would probably be the first time,think, in the history of resistance that we have a post-General in charge ofdefense - a thing of the coup as a textbook teaches world history,Prefects reactionary to the interior ..This government pretends 'left' with a mild form of 'capital'perhaps, and driving fast and hits hard 'to sinistra' no-where for the leftto be understood of the fake left parties in parliament and outside, but theworkers, the proletarians, the masses:increase in retirement del'età particularly women, layoffs,mobility, cassaintegrazione, t since the wages of the state, taxon the first house, cuts in social spending and privatizzazzioni wild inpreparation for the big target: Marchionne articolo18 and system infactory, etc..Now the game for wasting how many words in newspapers and television, withhow much energy put into joint field parties of the right of center andfake left, trade unions confederations, popes and monsignors, is too opento deceive someone.
The European and Italian masters, the ruling classes as a whole havesingle recipe: download the crisis of capital on the masses, forrestore profits and financial system ... and if the masses do not fitstate police, modern fascism, repression.In this recipe you can only respond with the fight, the general strikeextended from the bottom and the proletarian revolt and social ... but inunderstanding that all this serves to make union organization,Social and political parties outside and against parliament and directionstrade union confederations, which is independent from the false left outCasarini parliament with their jesters, united for the alternative, Bernocchicobas etc. confederation.So the calls and barking for units that are at different levelssuch parts should be rejected .. unity is needed and forehead, but it sure ..units for the union of class,units for the front and the proletarian revolutionaryunits for the proletarian revolt and social

Mario Mont

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