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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thugs of capitalism try to minimize the actions of Occupy Wall Street

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s speech was as full of lies as any speech under former President Richard Nixon. He said he alone took the decision to remove the protesters. How could so many other cities have had this decision on the same day? It is a ridiculous lie. He sounds like Nixon and he patronizes  those who have come with legitimate gripes about the corruption and greed inherent in the system.  He also claims this was about sanitation and safety…a bold face lie.
Bloomberg and others still don’t get it. This is not just a protest and not and the issue of freedom of speech. The issue is who should wield power in this country-- The moneyed interest and their police thugs or the people that Bloomberg and others are supposed to represent. Bloomberg action is that of a tyrant no matter what he says. He owes his job to big money interest and the most he can say is that the thug tactics by him are justified. That is a lie. - សតិវ អតុ

Bloomberg: Park Occupiers Must Follow Rules

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