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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Maoist Road and joint statement 'The movement will continue, the revolution will continue'

From blog Maoistroad

Saturday, December 3, 2011a joint statement for comrade kishenji
maoist road salutes with interest this joint statemnent
all statements of parties and organisations mlm,
revolutionaries,internationalists and antimperialists for the murder of
comrade Kishenji is welcomed , they aid the international mouvement for
isolating india's regime and imperialism,
they aid the developpement of large campaign for supporting people's war in
India unter leadership of PCIm.
maoistroad support the unity of mlm international mouvement for a new
international conference
this unity demands not only declarations, but real revolutionary praxis in
the differents conditions and the support peoples war in India is one of
for this this joint statement it is not ecxclusive of others statements in
all countries and it is not a new regroupemnet of parties and organisations
but a political declaration in this most large mouvement



The movement will continue, the revolution will continue
Joint Statement signed by the Association for Proletarian Solidarity, Italy (ASP)-Maoist Communist Party
of France (MCF), Maoist Communist Party of Manipur (MCP), Partito Comunista maoista (PCm) Italia ,
Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC), Revolutionary Communist
Party, Canada (PCR-RCP Canada) - Struggling Workers Union, Italy (SLL) Socialist Party, Malaysia .
We the Communist party of this planet strongly condemned the brutal killing of Comrade Koteshwar Rao
alias Kishenji in the Jangalmahal region of West Bengal, in India. This murder hurts us in our minds, in
our flesh. Communist party of India (Maoist) have play an important role in world proletarian revolution
and so all the genuine communists never forget India, and that is why the murder of Comrade Koteshwar
Rao Kishenji appears as a terrible pain, not only for the Indian revolution, but also for the World
Proletarian Revolution. We the Communist believed that the demise of Comrade Kishenji will make a
new approach to unite all the oppress people of this universe. In a famous article” serve the people”,
Comrade Mao has mentioned: “Though death befalls all men alike, it may be weightier than Mount Tai or
lighter than a feather. To die for the people is weightier than Mount Tai, but to work for the fascists and
die for the exploiter is lighter than a feather”. Yes, it is true Comrade Kishenji died for the people, in his
death is indeed weightier than Mount Everest. From the bottom of our hearts we expressed our red salute
to the hero of Indian proletariat Comrade Kishenji. The Indian reactionary has murdered Comrade
Kishenji but not his Ideology. They can’t kill Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. The movement will continue,
the revolution will continue. The Indian People's War is facing a huge counter-insurgency pushed by the
Indian counter-revolution and supported by the Imperialist countries. Manipur and its neighboring sisters
states has been brutalized by imposing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act,1958 which a non
commission officer empower to kill anyone in suspicion and no state body have the right to institute a
commission without the permission of Indian Home Minister. The act only imposed in North Eastern
states where Indian forcibly annexed into their union and well known Jammu and Kashmir discriminately.
Now India have started war against its own people in the name of Operation green hunt at Maoist affected
area. The degree of the brutality in North east states is too much if anyone compares with any mainland
Indian state. The Indian Army racially oppresses the Mongolians race of North East states and Kashmir
for being as Islamist people.

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