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Monday, December 05, 2011

Tweeting - Gov Sam Brownback SUCKS!

From Daily Kos;

When a high school senior tweeted that Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback "sucked," among other invectives, reaction at the state Capitol led her principal to demand an apology. Instead, it was the Republican governor offering a mea culpa Monday, forced to admit to a self-described overreaction by his staff that subjected him to ridicule for efforts to police a teenager's Internet musings.
I swear this story makes me want to tweet "I AGREE GOV. SAM BROWNBACK REALLY DOES SUCK" and perhaps he should also GROW UP and act like he was voted in BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE AND SHOULD REPRESENT ALL THE PEOPLE EVEN IF SOME OF THE PEOPLE THINKS HE SUCKS!!! These Tea Party Politicians are such BIG BABIES!
For the rest click here.

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