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Monday, December 05, 2011

Canaan Farmers in the area are again fighting against eviction-Brazil

A Google translation;

On November 22 police officers were in the area Canaan and met with most of the residents that the meeting brought together in the shed. There were about five police COE - Special Operations Command, led by Colonel Angelo Marcio Pinto, Ji-Paraná. Also present was the police chief civil Lucas Torres, Buritis, said that the function of accumulating agricultural delegate, appointed by Mr. Gercino, National Agrarian Ombudsman. Another policeman said he was representing Lt. Col. Ênedy, ancient enemy of the peasants, the current commander of the battalion of Ariquemes PM.

The police had an eviction order and said they would give a deadline for the peasants their collapsing homes, organize their belongings and get out without injury and without conflict. As the people said he would not leave, they again threatened police at 150, 300 or 500. And that would strengthen the National Strength and even the army if necessary.

After they left, the peasants have a meeting and drew up a battle plan. On November 24, two busloads of peasants left early for the forum Ariquemes. Had the support of seven major residents of the surrounding area of ​​the Sun Ray All the LCP waved red flags and banners with slogans.

Arriving at the forum, found that farmers did not have anything new, just the same two cases of eviction, who was suspended and another that would still be assessed by the judge. The eviction order was made by a former police who had been delivered to residents earlier this year. Farmers are suspicious that Mr. Edson paid out by the police to try to frighten them. Edson is one of the alleged owners of the area who lives in Canaan Ji-Parana, where he was bailiff.

Other information was given by Confucius advises the governor, IAF Azamor, and the Ednéia Seagri - State Department of Agriculture. According to them, Messrs. John Tucci and Angela Arnold, who claim to be owners of Canaan, no longer willing to negotiate with Incra land, at any price.

Recently, the Regional Agrarian Marcia Pereira do Nascimento spoke with one of the leaders of Canaan, and said that most families there is nothing in the profile of agrarian reform. This has been another argument often used by INCRA to deny land rights to farmers, as has occurred with the families of the area Bentão Joe, the former Santa Elina ranch. The government is not based Dilma anyone and try to remove all asformas who already is on the breeding ground.

Canaan The area is located between the cities of Jaru and Ariquemes. Live there and work with dignity about 130 families who make their living from your own sweat. The production of large-grain rice, corn, beans and coffee-also help in the supply of Jaru and Ariquemes. When the first farmers arrived, in 2001, there was only one capoeirão and an abandoned cocoa plantation. See the address below for more information and photos published in the newspaper recently Peasant Resistance.

The land of Canaan are the Union and some producers were assigned to produce them by a CATP - Contract for Sale of Public Lands, in the year 1970. But this agreement did not give the right to possession and had several clauses that were not met. There is a suit in federal court to return the area to INCRA, but as always, justice is slow to guarantee the rights of the people.

Most farmers invested everything in Canaan and has nowhere else to go. All they want is to work in peace, but are willing to endure to the end the sacred right to land. Any conflict that occurs is the sole responsibility of the President Dilma INCRA and that do nothing for the peasants.

Terra pra quem nela vive e trabalha!
O povo quer terra, não repressão!

LCP – Liga dos Camponeses Pobres de Rondônia e Amazônia Ocidental

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