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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fight against the attempt to outlaw Communism and Communists in Italy (part 3)

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC); Association for Proletarian Solidarity (ASP); and
Struggling Workers Union (SLL);

We can use each step in this direction, every single attack, arbitrariness and lawlessness. We must use it to weaken the already precarious direction of the ruling class on the popular masses, foster contradictions within itself, raise the class consciousness, mobilizing and strengthening the popular organization (it is also the most effective way to repel every single attack, abuse and illegality).
In these years, in order to face the legal repression and turn it in favor of the new birth of the communist movement, our three organizations have followed this line:
 1. to develop initiatives of mobilization and solidarity of the popular masses: information, complaint, call for solidarity, initiatives of political solidarity and economic support, with the aim of expanding ties with the masses, to develop a united front against the repression; initiatives of resistance and opposition to the repression and solidarity with all organizations, activists, workers and other members of the people hit by the forces of repression, regardless of the charges brought against them by the Authorities (judging by class and political and not by legalistic criteria );
2. promoting specific actions between genuine democrats (intellectuals, politicians and trade unions) to induce the largest possible number of them to speak out against the persecution of Communists and in general against repression and to express their solidarity;
3. not collaborating in the performance of the neutral justice, “the same for everyone,” but to transform the judiciary proceedings in a trial against the Authorities who violate their own laws and go against the interests of the masses.
The results obtained so far have confirmed that it is a correct line.
The process that opens on 8th February will be an opportunity
1. to propagandize the popular emergency government and socialism and mobilize workers and the rest of the masses;
2. to assert the importance of organizations and individuals’ resistance to the repression of the bourgeoisie and its apparatus. This resistance is the basis for developing the fight against repression and promote solidarity with the organizations and comrades that repression hit: the resistance to repression firstly is established continuing the struggle, developing class solidarity, improving our understanding and our mobilization: the struggle pays! The fact that the activity of the (n) PCI and of the caravan has continued and developed in spite of the blows of repression has been the main cause of the failure of the attack of the Papal Republic Authorities and of the strengthening of the revolutionary forces;
3. to unmask the bourgeois legality (the legality of the rule of imperialist bourgeoisie’s ringleaders and their circle on the rest of the population) claiming that the basis of a law worthy of the name is the right of each person to work and live in dignity and to promote the only true law at this stage: to rebel against every sacrifice, enforcement and abuse;
4. to denounce the class character of bourgeois institutions and justice: powerless, tolerant or party with the rich and powerful and coward and bully with the popular masses and the weak;
5. to exploit every opportunity and every grip provided by laws in force, through the mobilization of lawyers and of all sincere democrats and progressives in order to denounce the violations of rights sanctioned by the Constitution and to prevent the condemnation;
6. to develop political solidarity and economic support of the masses, intellectuals, true democrats, politicians and administrators of public with organizations and comrades under attack;
7. to develop the fighting front against repression and bourgeois legalism with political, trade union and popular organizations and with individual comrades;
8. to denounce how the bourgeoisie and its institutions squander public money (taken from choking more and more workers and pensioners) to persecute political opponents: they do not have money for kindergartens, schools, health, transport but they find it immediately for subsidizing political police, judges and special anti-terrorist courts.
We call upon all communist anti-imperialist and progressive organizations,, genuine democrats, struggling organizations and movements, lawyers, journalists, politicians and trade unionists
- To reject the ongoing campaign of Communism criminalization and Communists’ persecution,
- To contribute (politically and economically) in the battle for the full acquittal of comrade tried!
We call democrats and intellectuals, journalists because they do not lend themselves to political-police plots and to the censorship imposed by the Authorities on the trial and on Communists’ persecution, and because they give voice to the defendants, lawyers, judges who have already issued nonsuit or dismissal judgments. The independent information is used to defend freedoms and values of the antifascist Constitution practicing them.
We call judges, prosecutors and democratic officers in the Court of Bologna and in other Courts to not become a party in the persecution, but to play their part to make it fail with public stands, interviews, etc... Its failure is in the interests of those who care about the values of the antifascist Constitution .
We call the mayors and other administrators of the new municipal government of Naples, Milan, Cagliari and others (which have established themselves at odds with the old government linked to the top managers of the Papal Republic and subordinate to their governments) to take a stand against this judicial persecution (with public stands, interviews, provision of public halls, etc..) as a concrete and consistent demonstration of the defense of the rights of civilization ratified by the Constitution and of workers and popular masses’ interests.

The victory of this battle will strengthen the rights of civilization conquered with the Resistance!
It will strengthen the people’s struggle against the government of the speculators, of the imperialist bourgeoisie and of the Vatican. It will strengthen the struggle to build a popular emergency government and it will make us advance in the struggle to make Italy a new socialist country!
No to the outlawing of the (n)PCI and of the organizations of the caravan!
Let’s raise the banner of solidarity and class struggle to get out from the wreckage and misery of this system and to build a new future for humanity!

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