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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

These assholes in the 1% want to run our country? Seriously?

Newt Gingrich want to teach the work ethics to poor school kids while he make most of his money sitting on his ass doing nothing but collecting investement income that has a much lower tax rate than the working 99%. Is he going to explain any of this to these children he want to hire. Mitt Romney is not better. Neither is Ron Paul.

When the primaries go south—to Dixie Land and the good ol’ boys.

Oh! I wish I were from the land of Cotton, ♫ ♪
Old slaves there are not forgiven work away…♫ ♪ away …♫ ♪…work away Dixie slaves.

From Think progressive;

Gingrich: ‘Most Of The Asians,’ Some Latinos, But Not Many African Americans Understand Entrepreneurship

GOP contender Newt Gingrich has built up quite a record of making derogatory, racially-charged remarks on the campaign trail. He frequently derides President Obama as a “food stamp president” and said he would go to the NAACP and tell African Americans they should “demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps.” Last week he said work is a “strange, distant concept” to Fox anchor Juan Williams, who had the audacity to ask Gingrich at a recent debate if he understood why blacks might be offended by his remarks.
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