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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pompeo gave Boeing everything Kansas had to offer—Boeing took the money and ran

From  Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner,

Wichitatried everything it could to bring the Boeing Tanker job to Wichita. They helped Boeing get the contract. Reps Todd Taihrt did all he could to nix a French company from building it. And in the long run, Boeing got the contract and Wichitans got the jobs
Rep. Mike Pompeo insisted to The Wichita Eagle that he was promised the jobs. Kansas official had pressured the Air Force to give a $35 billion contract to build the new tanker here.
Boeing is only doing what our latest politicians are suggesting. They are looking for the most money they can get for as little effort as they can get by with. In many smaller towns and cities, local governments have given free land, 10 year tax abatements, and other freebees to get a company to relocate. In some instances the companies relocate when the abatements are up and they can get a better deal. In this case Boeing decided it will be cheaper building it elsewhere were wages are probably less. Pompeo should understand that since he already sends jobs from his company to Mexico and other third world countries where labor is cheap. When during his election his opponent brought this up. Pompeo said ‘people have to be realistic.’

All the politicians are upset by Boeing, including Governor Sam Brownback. But they should remember what Pompeo said. ‘They are just being realistic.’
In the mean time, Boeing packs up and heads out of town just like a con man who just fleeced the flock.

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