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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Violent clashes in Morocco

From Maoistroad;

A Google translation;

February 2012

lastest news

Morocco: Demonstrations and clashes
Violent clashes between demonstrators for several days
to enforcement of Taza, a small town in north-eastern Morocco. These
last call for the release of youths arrested on January 4 (a
group of unemployed graduates had organized a sit-in, where they were
joined by striking students, and was violently dispersed, the
police making more than thirty wounded), and also hear
protest against high prices and the price of water and electricity.
Since yesterday, the repression has intensified, with some sources citing
live ammunition and several deaths. A hospital source on
It confirmed more than 160 wounded. Moreover, the police conducted
fierce raids on the homes of many young people suspected of
participated in the rallies.


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