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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brazil--Farmers BR364 closed for over 10 hours

Continues to struggle to end dump.

A Google translation from LCP - Poor Peasants League of Rondônia and western Amazonia;

Jaru, March 21, 2012

On the last Monday before 5 o'clock in the morning, about 150 farmers closed the bridge over the river Jaru demanding the immediate suspension of the eviction of the Canaan area, ordered by Judge José Augusto Alves Martins, Ariquemes. Extended tracks, brandished red flags, chanted slogans, burned tires. Women and children were present on the front line, as will be hit hardest if the discharge occurs. Work tools and a small sample of peasant production exposed in the road made it clear that it was a protest by workers.

Most protesters were Canaan and the surrounding areas of the Sun Ray Some farmers elsewhere who were also in Jaru summed up the protest, as well as truck drivers, laborers and traders of the city, honest journalists and people from every state who wrote supportive comments on the Internet.

The BR was banned for more than 10 hours, causing a traffic jam of more than 15 kilometers. At the end of the protest, the products were distributed to peasant population.

The main achievement of the peasants was to publicize the injustice they are suffering from the old state.

During the protest, the National Agrarian Ombudsman Gercino da Silva personally threatened the peasants by e-mail and by phone: "(...) if the landless rural workers did not immediately release the 423 km of the BR-364, in Ariquemes there will be a meeting with the owners of the farm Arrobas / Cocoa only, on March 20, 2012, and therefore there will be compliance with the repossession with the 'dump' of landless rural workers occupy the mentioned farm. "When is a right to defend the peasants Mr. Agrarian Ombudsman only hears and says he can not do anything but useless offices. But when it's just a protest to fight the families he has power to evict the families! At its meeting on Tuesday with Flávio Ribeiro, new Superintendent of INCRA, the peasants could not anything new or concrete, only promises. He even proposed that farmers leave the land and wait for a solution, absurd that the families had vehemently rejected sometimes.

Two more examples of how government Dilma (PT) is against the righteous and sacred rights of poor peasants have a land to work.

Judge Jose Martinez also ordered the eviction of peasants from the area of ​​the Sun Ray

The judge also ordered Jose Martins Ariquemes the eviction of the area radius of the Sun from March 26. Nearly 40 families living there since 2005. The strange thing is that ... Galhardi, owner says that the area is in St. Paul addressing the health of the child and his name does not appear as applicant in this dump. The same happened in the last order against Canaan, where there appears the name of John Arnold Tucci, who says the owner of the area. It is as if the judge Jose Martins was moving alone processes. What was he getting in return?

It seems that Ms. Angela Semeghini is behind everything. Her name does not appear in any process of Canaan or the Sun Ray, but she is who is ahead of all the torment against the peasants. Angela Semeghini owns office in Ji-Paraná and everyone knows that the Mafia exists in Rondônia involving landlords and owners of registries. It's people like this that Judge Jose Martinez is protecting.

"Who we are like us and those who come help us"

The peasants have no illusion with justice or with the Agrarian and Incra, bodies Dilma Management (PT). Families are sure they will not develop their land without a fight combative. They know they can only rely on themselves, with the poor peasants from every state and those who help without interest. So, once again call upon the active support of the peasants, students, workers and merchants of the city and Democrats.

Immediate end to the evictions of the areas Canaan and Ray of the Sun!
The people want land, not repression!
Land to those who live and work!

LCP - Poor Peasants League of Rondônia and western Amazonia

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