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Thursday, March 15, 2012

From Occupy Seattle

We want to report from as many cities as possible on the Occupy movement. The following article was published In the Kasama Project by onehundredflowers;

“We’re back to the Sheraton. Every eye already bleary from the day-long exposure to chemical weapons. New goggles and masks cover many faces. The spirit was different.  The anger of being attacked all day, of seeing our friends and loved ones maced-or-beaten-or both gave it an edge. All those who once said the cops were on our side… well they now had little to stand on. It was undeniable: There, inside that looming hotel was Jamie Dimon, the face of one of the most criminal and insidious institutions in the world, and here, in front of us, were the cops defending them against over a thousand people.”
I sprinted to and rejoin the line facing off with the cops. There, in the line with me, were all the people I had just gone to jail with. The five of us, now called the “Chase 5” by those who argue for our defense, grinned at each other, knowing that we had no choice but to stand there. We could feel the world shifting and us as a part of it. There was no way we could walk away.”
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