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Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the Kony 2012 Movement—there is more than the video tells

Posted by Maoist Rebel News

Well according to the number of views the video has, the entire world has heard about Joseph Kony. In case you are one of the few that hasn’t, he’s a warlord in Uganda that a group of activists has been working on raising awareness of. The video, which God only knows how many views, now detail the crimes of said warlord Kony. Its all done very nicely with the creator’s son thrown in to do fluff spots to tug at the viewer’s heart strings. This video has mysteriously gotten all over the newspapers and news in next to no time whatsoever. Even faster than what should be possible for a viral video. The video is very well done, far better than what “some guy” and his “friends” should have been able to do on almost no budget.
In the video they spend a great deal of time explaining the various reasons why Kony should be stopped. There is a multitude of reasons put forward: enslavement, mutilations, the main selling point being that he has child soldiers. I heard estimates that he has abducted anywhere from 30,000 to 104,000 to be used as soldiers since about 1986. This is a horrendous crime no doubt. The man has been running his private army called “Lord’s Resistance Army”, which surprisingly sounds a lot like a religious fundamentalist organization. A spiritual guerrilla army that is hell bent (so to speak) on bring the word of Jesus Christ to Africa. The creator of the video assures us that he has no ideology and is just doing it for himself. Unfortunately for him, the world has access to Wikipedia and other resources and we can see that he’s has a “syncretic Christian extreme religious ideology”. He’s basically a Christian fundamentalist, no doubt like most fundamentalists he’s using the word of God for his own purposes. Mainly wealth and power.
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