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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

US takes part in assassinations and tortures of leftist rebels in India

From the international Committee Support People's War in India (Avril preparatory meeting- it is a public meeting with invitation - for
international conference to support people's war in India, in Europe in summer;;
11 march 2012

 CPI (Maoist): "Condemn the arrests and torture of Maoist activists in
 Kolkata and Mumbai!"
 March 2, 2012
 In the last week of February 2012, the police have arrested activists of
 Party including some senior cadres from Kolkata and Mumbai. On the
 specific intelligence inputs provided by the murderous APSIB, joint forces of
 and STF of AP, Maharashtra and West Bengal have raided the shelters of our
 comrades in Kolkata and Mumbai suburbs and arrested at least nine comrades
 including two women comrades. Comrades Sadanala Ramakrishna, Deepak Kumar
 Pargania, Sukumar Mandal, Bapi Mudi and Sambhu Charan were arrested from
 Kolkata while Comrades Dinesh Wankhede, Aasimkumar Bhattacharya, Suman Gawde and Paru Patel were picked up from Thane in Maharashtra. Comrades Sadanala Ramakrishna alias Santosh (62) and Aasimkumar Bhattacharya (65) were the
 seniors among the arrested. Senior comrade Sadanala Ramakrishna has been
 working for the revolution for at least four decades. He has been ailing
 with serious health problems for so many years. A mechanical engineer
 graduated in prestigious Regional Engineering College (REC) of Warangal
 where martyr leaders like Surapaneni Janardhan and Azad were emerged as
 great revolutionaries of their times, Comrade Ramakrishna sacrificed his
 bright life for the cause of liberation of the downtrodden.
 Both the two women comrades arrested - Vijaya and Suman - have been
 undergoing medical treatment for some time staying in the shelters outside
 the struggle zones. Particularly, comrade Vijaya has been suffering from
 serious heart problems.
 The police forces, better known for worst kind of cruelty, have been
 torturing these comrades mentally and physically in custody. They have
 foisted several false cases against these comrades so that they could be
 languished behind the bars forever.
 On one hand the ruling classes are asserting that these arrests are a big
 success for them and on the other hand, they are trying to portray our
 comrades as dangerous criminals claiming that they have recovered huge
 amounts of cash and other material that is used for making arms.
 These arrests are nothing but a part of Operation Green Hunt (OGH), i.e.
 'War on People', which has been underway since 2009. The comprador ruling
 classes in connivance with their imperialist masters, particularly with
 US imperialists, have unleashed this brutal war of suppression in the
 poorest parts of India so that their neo liberal policies of plunder of
 resources could get going unhindered. They are particularly targeting the
 revolutionary leadership and eliminating them. As the Pentagon itself
 claimed recently, the US Special Forces are not only actively involved, but
 also assisting their Indian counterparts on the ground in the
 counter-insurgency operations aimed at eliminating the revolutionary
 leadership. This fact also shows us that the US has been patronizing in
 ongoing OGH making the values such as freedom, independence, and
 of our country a joke. The exploiting rulers of our country are
 that this movement can be suppressed if its leadership is wiped out.
 Revolutionary movement cannot be crushed with arrests and murders. The bars of the dungeons cannot restrict the revolutionary ideas from spreading
 among the vast masses.
 The CC of CPI (Maoist) strongly condemns these arrests and inhuman torture
 being inflicted to them. We demand immediate and unconditional release of
 these comrades, as well as all of the political prisoners languishing in
 various jails in all corners of our land. We also demand to lift all the
 false cases foisted against these comrades.
Spokesperson, Central Committee, CPI (Maoist

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