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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Indian Governments gets military helicopters from Italy

From PCm Italy;
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Workers Communist-PCm Italy denounced the efforts of Italian imperialism in India.The good deals are varied and Italian imperialism a central aspect of them is the war industry, which is the parent Finmeccanica -notice published in the article is attached to the character and nature these bonds.
The Italian imperialism has made ​​available to oil companies and petrolierei
Italian soldiers in the framework of the so-called 'campaign against piracy',
that is, soldiers of the state to protect private interests and profits.
In this framework, two soldiers of the Battalion are accused of Sanmarco
killed two fishermen in international waters contiguous to India.
Considering the role of these soldiers and also the particular ideology of
them - one is definitely a fascist and racist tarantino, supporter
An active chieftain fascist and racist quote - it is reasonable to think that
are actually guilty of the crime they are accused by the authorities
Indian and Indian law requires to be tried in India. not
accept that they are processed in India is a manifestation of arrogance
imperialist by Italy.

Helicopters sold to IndiaFinmeccanica on suspicion of corruptionInquiry in New Delhi on a contract to Agusta WestlandThe contractBillionaire signed a month ago

Massimo MartinelliROME - Ondock in Kochi, India, with the profile of Enrica Lexie in the port, the sent the Foreign Ministry are beginning to understand now that the real game diplomacy will not be on the release of two riflemen of San Marco.It will have a much wider scope, and especially a cumbersome name:Finmeccanica. For it is in Kochi that the Selex Integrated Systems,flagship in Piazza Montegrappa, he collected his latestmillion dollar contract just over a month ago. And the number oneFinmeccanica, Giuseppe Orsi, have now pinned the attentionIndian court of the judiciary for alleged affaircorruption for the sale of twelve helicopters Agusta Westland 101,modelloVip, arranged for the transport of the Government personalities.The contract by about one and a half billion euros, was signed in2010 by Agusta to the summit when the company was just Bears,is now president and CEO of Finmeccanica. Fewdays ago the Minister of Defence, AK Antony, has asked the Secretary General Shashi Kant Sharmit of Defense to ensure thatthere were incidents of corruption to the conclusion of the contract Agusta Westland signed in 2010 with the Indian Air Force, beating offcompetition of the U.S. Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, which wanted place his S-92 helicopters.A suspicious vertices of defenseIndiaNaplesFrancesco Curcio, on the activities of foreign subsidiariesFinmeccanica. As part of those investigations were requiredinformally to the Indian authorities about the number of confirmationsnegotiations that led to the signing of the contract. And soon after, thesecretary of defense minister AK Antony would startalso monitor the Italian media to understand the originof the interest of the Italian judiciary for the contract withAgusta Westland.Of each other, according to rumors, he would speakBorgogni Lorenzo, former Director General of External RelationsFinmeccanica, was questioned last November when six or seventimes by Naples prosecutors and the Roman prosecutor Paul Ielo. Itsalleged revelations are still classified, even if in the nextweeks, the reports on the activities of many interrogationsPiazza Montegrappa giant may be deposited ininvestigations on Marco Milanese, the former political adviser to the Treasuryunder investigation by the prosecutor and accused of Naplescriminal association, corruption and the revelation of secrets'office. In that context, reconstructing the complicated mechanismallowed to fly to Milan and consultancy appointments in companiesFinmeccanica in the galaxy, the magistrates were collectedtestimony on the international activities of the leader, withprecise references to contracts whose value was rising severalmillion during construction, allowing - the suspectinvestigators - to create a fund intended to pay for additionalpoliticians of both countries concerned to contact.For this reason 'investigations initiated by the prosecutor in Naples that now turns toconclusion of the Indian Defense Ministry bother muchthe story of the Fascists of San Marco, because in addition to the contract to thehelicopters, Finmeccanica and its subsidiaries have signed in recentseveral years of huge value contracts, like the Selexsystems integrated with the state-owned Cochin Shipyard Limited, forthe supply of naval radars for the Indian Navy aircraft carrierconstruction in Kochi. Or that of the sameFinmeccanica, which has already provided three command and controlBrahmaputra class frigates and additional logistical support,as well as the provision of the radar and systems for the control of theto install air traffic at airports in the Indian citiessouth. led by prosecutors Vincenzo Piscitelli, Henry John Woodcock and has been some rumors on the investigation of prosecutors

Già nella campagna di gennaio 2012 di questo Comitato nel nostro paese fu
annunciata la preparazione di una specifica campagna sui legami
dell'industria bellica italiana e il regime indiano. Le notizie attuali su
questo alimentano questa esigenza e questa necessità.
Si fa appello quindi a tutte le realtà antimperialiste  nel nostro paese di
decidere iniziative di controinformazione e denuncia, dossier e presidi..

proletari comunisti - PCm Italia
4 marzo 2012

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