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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Occupy Wichita plans for spring

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

People in Wichita are already planning for Occupy Wichita spring action. A day long seminar was held at the Peace and Social Justice Center house, yesterday. It was put on mostly by Sunflower Community Action and OccupyWichita.
Member from all over Wichita, including many Hispanics were there. It was mostly a time to get together and see what people in this community have in common and what values they want in their community. The people looked for a common vision that they want to present as their goals in this movement.
Many Hispanics have talked of trying to become legal so they can work in the community they already live in. There were stories of families being separated. There were stories of harassment by the police.
“Hispanics don’t commit any more crime than other communities,” one woman said. “What makes us so illegal?”

Others talked about the wars and the government’s constant punishment aimed at the poor.
More meetings are being planned for the future over actions people will be taken and strategies that will be used.  
There is no doubt that Occupy movements across the country will be planning actions in cities around the country. Weather the crowds are smaller or bigger, they will be more determined. There were some action planned For February 28. A woman on YouTube compared this to the Civil Rights Movement and said she was prepared to struggle for years to get some results.


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