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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fluoridated water in Wichita again-commie plot?

Once again there is a push to fluoridate Wichita’s Water. Once gain there will be those who oppose it. The fluoridation of Water was once considered a communist plot by such groups as the John Birch Society. While the society is not as active as it was during the cold war, we should not assume people will not assume this is a communist plot to take over Wichita through its water.
According to The Wichita Eagle;
“Wichitans for Healthy Teeth, a coalition of doctors and dentists, and the Kansas Health Foundation say more fluoride in Wichita’s water would be less costly than treating tooth decay down the road.”
Proponents of this new bill claim that;
 “half of students in kindergarten through eighth grade in Sedgwick County were screened during the 2010 to 2011 school year. About 19 percent of students screened had obvious decay in at least one tooth. About 3.2 percent, or 931 students, had “emergent” dental problems, including decay, abscesses and infections.”
But there are always those who claim that such interference in our lives will lead to health risks.
The John Birch Society claimed that
“In the 1960s Robert W. Welch Jr. insisted that the London Johnson administration's fight against communism in Vietnam was part of a communist plot aimed at taking over the United States. Welch demanded that the United States get out of Vietnam, thus aligning the Society with the far left.[33] The society opposed water fluoridation, which it called "mass medicine"[34] and saw as a communist plot to poison Americans.[35]
A scene in Dr. Strangelove pokes fun at the John Birch Society’s opposition to Fluoridated water.
Maybe clearer heads will prevail this time and Wichita will fluoridate its water.


Rachell Franc said...

That's excellent advice grandpa, especially because your frame of reference is in the 1950's when dr's told you asbestos, lead, mercury, tobacco were all safe for you and when the same people told you fluoridated water was a good idea you went along with them too. But 60 years of research has failed to support water fluoridation: Too much risk to everyone, and no benefit, except to the phosphate fertilizer industry that is allowed to dump it's waste in our water and call it medicine, without an FDA approval. Sweet deal for someone, but guess what, not you.

Salamander 奥托 said...

Records show that tooth decay is way lower in states that have fluoridated water. I would call that good proof. Every article I've read says that.