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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Support the Peoples War in India!

I won’t be able to attend the conference planned in Germany, this November. I’m sure a lot of Americans can’t afford this trip. However, this is good information on the need to support the people’s struggles in India. Much of this information is very important. There are surely things we can do here at home to show solidarity with the leftists in India. -សតិវ អតុ


The bosses of world imperialist system carry out an offensive against the
peoples of the world. Imperialist wars of aggression as those against Iraq,
Afghanistan and Libya, mark the beginning of the century. They prepare the
next war against Syria, Iran or any other, because one thing is certain,
that they are not going to stop voluntarily. At the same time, they impose
on people the consequences of the crisis, especially on the peoples in the
oppressed nations, but also in the imperialist countries themselves, the
working class is constantly trampled and their fundamental rights are
quickly stolen away. In this situation, fascism is not a nebulous threat,
but an active force. At the same time, the imperialists systematically
destroy the planet. All this is well known. This shows that imperialism is
reaction all along the line, it shows that imperialism is not consistent
with the progress of humanity and, indeed, the survival of an ever larger
part of the world population. The end of history that the imperialists
announced loudly since the nineties, is a hell for the proletariat and
peoples of the world. But, more oppression spurs more resistance, and so,
from Peru to the Philippines, from the British Islands to China, from
Colombia to Kurdistan, from Nigeria to Greece, all around the world, the
countries want independence, the nations liberation, and the peoples
revolution. This is the basis for a current that will bury imperialism. The
problem is, in many cases, that the struggle against imperialism is limited
only to the resistance with no prospect but the mere survival. Therefore, in
order to develop this resistance as a powerful wave of anti-imperialist and
revolutionary struggles, the conscious organized factor is required to be
able to lead the consequent struggle to establish the peoples Power. Hence,
it is worth the effort to take a look on India.

India, which the ruling classes cynically present as the Shining India and
a supposed example of that imperialism brings development, is a heaven for
the rich and hell for the people. While the wealth of the 53 richest people
in the country is equal to 31% of GDP, the 77% of the population live with
an income of less than 20 rupees (approximately 50 Euro cents) a day. Every
day 5,000 children die from starvation and malnutrition, that is almost two
million child deaths per year. The percentage of hungry people is greater
than in Ethiopia. The agrarian crisis, a direct result of the imperialist
policy, causes immense misery to the peasantry and results in a wave of
suicides, with hundreds of thousands of desperate peasants who have
committed suicide. The greatest democracy in the world, is a country in
which the big bourgeoisie and landlords do what they please. A country where
the caste system is still fully intact. Where different minorities,
different nationalities and peoples are forced to live in a prison-house of
nations. In order to increase the imperialist exploitation, they
established Special Economic Zones, where the so-called transnational
companies can operate without limits. Tens of millions of people are forced
to become internal refugees, because they are expelled from the land where
their ancestors have since thousands of years, so that Capital can steal the
raw materials existing there. We could mention many other examples, this
might fill all a book, the question is clear: the anti-imperialistic and
anti-feudal revolution is a necessity for the vast majority of the people of

This revolution is ongoing. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of
India (Maoist) a people’s war develops - described by the most important
representatives of the ruling classes as the greatest danger for their
system. In the countryside there are thousands of organizations of the
genuine peoples power. In the Revolutionary People's Committees, those who
for centuries have had nothing have started to construct their own state.
They organize with their own forces a society where there is no hunger,
where there is education and health, and the land belongs to who tills it.
There are no landlords or lackeys of the imperialists. There, the needs of
the people are law. There, they live the true democracy, the new democracy
of the people. In the cities, the mass organizations are advancing by leaps,
in February this year the working class of India has carried out the biggest
strike in history of humanity, involving 100 million people, and the ruling
classes are terrified by the growing influence of the Maoists. The People's
War stirs the deepest foundations of society.

The ruling classes and their imperialist bosses - how could it be
otherwise? - are not sitting quiet with folded arms watching the advance of
the revolutionary movement. They act as always and everywhere have done;
they seek to drown in blood the struggle of the people. Specialists in
counterinsurgency from U.S. and Israeli Mossad are there to assist on the
field the repressive forces. Paramilitary State forces are fighting daily
against the guerrillas - the so-called paramilitaries are militarily
organized and armed. The Army and Air Force every time more openly takes
part in the fighting. The reactionary state has launched barbaric
reactionary campaigns such as: Salwa Judum, "Green Hunt", among others, and
implemented a policy that is comparable to the Nazi campaign against
anti-fascist resistance in World War II. They apply systematic murder,
torture and disappearances against the revolutionary leaders.

But the people do not summit. The peoples war advances without stopping,
with the clear course in direction of seizing Power. This is possible, since
the conscious and organized factor, which we have spoken about above, exists
and is able to consistently lead the fight to the end. Their struggle is
just and it is an internationalist duty to give them our full and unwavering
support. The People's War in India has to merge with the struggle of peoples
around the world and be a part of the great revolutionary current that will
ultimately defeat imperialism. The development of a consistent
anti-imperialist movement in a country of 1.2 billion people will change the
balance of forces between imperialism and the oppressed nations, and
therefore it would be a great boost for the revolutionary forces around the
world. To support this movement does not mean only to fulfill an obligation,
but to serve the advancement of our movement in all countries.

It is in this sense that we organize an international conference on 24
November this year in Hamburg. We hope that this conference will be a major
boost to the international movement of support to the People's War in India.
Delegations from different countries will participate in it and through this
they will bring their experiences and ideas on how to raise this campaign to
a higher level. We want a conference that expresses the initiative, the
energy and the anti-imperialist and revolutionary will of proletarians,
women, youth, immigrants, progressive artists and intellectuals. We do not
want it to be only a formal act, but a living expression of proletarian
internationalism, so that it may serve to give concrete progresses to the
campaign of support. The conference is open to all forces who share this
objective. Therefore:

Everybody to the International Conference in Support of the People's War in

Bündnis gegen imperialistische
Aggression - BGIA (Hamburg)

International committe support people's war India

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