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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Scott Walker and the greedy self-centred 1% score a major victory

When rich greedy people pool their resources and outspend their opponents by 7 to 1, it is not surprising that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker retained his governorship. Millionaires and corporate interests from around the country poured money into a campaign to destroy people’s unions, their rights as workers and their rights to collective bargaining.
It’s the wealthy 1% against the poorer and smarter sections of the 99%. The most powerful do what they want and the loser suffer what they must.
If we learned anything from this election, it is that we can’t take these people down with their election rules. Elections are ineffective against greedy corporate power hungry people who appeal to the worst in Americans. The message Walker has sent is “We have got what most of us want. If you are not getting what you need then FUCK YOU!” Some of the people who voted for him in interviews all week long expressed the same sentiments. “Jobs may be hard to find but they’re out there,” said a Walker supporter on the radio. Chances are this person has a job and is doing fine. He doesn’t want to be bothered with those who are hit hardest by these economic times.
Worse is the fact that these messages were barraged constantly on TV, where the real lazy voters get their information. TV ads are direct, tell you what you are supposed to think and don’t bother you with a lot of confusing facts. And they are heard constantly over those whose finances are less.
This was Democracy American Style. Who ever had the dollars got the vote. If someone’s rights are being trampled on, too bad. If they’re not rich they don’t count. This is a good time to look at a system that is completely broken and completely out of control. The 1% ruling class wants to smash us into the dirt and wipe us out. The budget gets balanced on working people’s backs, the “wealth creators.” On the opposite end the tyrant “job creators” want us to kiss their feet, their ass and give them blowjobs if they are males.  They way society is moving backward, it is only a question of time before these precious "job creators" get to sleep with the worker’s wives, as feudal lords did in Early Europe and in South America..
This is why we need the occupy movement, the black block crowd and every revolutionary who is willing to do something to make this system ungovernable. We can’t win at the ruling class’s games. They stack the deck against us, so we must come up with our own rules. I’m not advocating violence, but certainly this is a good time for civil disobedience. When Democrat Tom Barrett talked to his supporters about mending the wounds from the election, those in the crowd booed him. Why would they want to mend fences with someone who took their rights away? If Walker and others like him think they can just “mend fences” and try to patch over this anger they created, they really are fools. They have scapegoated the workers and most of us don’t want to just put up with it. It is time to take action.
For those who are offended by this attitude of direct action, join the Tea Party. No one else is getting anything done. The progressives in the moderate left have sat on their asses putting out newspapers and magazines for the last 40 years and they have accomplished virtually nothing. -សតិវ​ អតុ

This is how AMERICAN Democracy Works!

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