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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update on the G20 summit and the state of the NATO Empire

It was just a few days ago that members of the G20 summit congratulated themselves for temporarily preventing the partial break up of the European Common Market. This market acts as a co-imperialist ally to the US through NATO.
According to Yahoo News;
Europe won support from world leaders on Tuesday for an ambitious but slow-moving overhaul of the euro zone, even as pressure built in financial markets for quicker solutions to its debt crisis that threatens the world economy.”
So the imperialist giants have saved themselves even though the recession/depression continues and will put hardships on European workers who have taken the brunt of loan’s austerity measures.
Even though NATO is mostly the US and sometimes Briton, there is still a need to seem united against all who oppose the mighty 1st world empire of the US and Europe.
But all is not so peachy in Europe or the US. The US Occupy movement is far from over and political parties in Greece, Italy and now alliances in Spain, have their own anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist organizations. -សតិវ អតុ

From The Kasama Project;

Posted by Mike E on June 19, 2012
This statement was released in Greek on 17 June 2012 at 2100 by the Press Office of the Communist Organization of Greece. KOE is the second largest organization with the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA). The original Greek version follows the English translation

Communist Organization of Greece (KOE):

Initial Thoughts on the Electoral Outcome

ATHENS, GREECE – We welcome the substantial political energy directed towards the Left, the substantial energy of the people seeking salvation for the country, ignoring unprecedented anti-democratic pressure from the network of domestic centers of political and economic power, and global imperialist institutions [1].
To a large degree, these elections were centered on the morale of the Greek people. The Greek people recognize the way forward, so that even the pro-austerity forces were compelled to adopt a lukewarm anti-austerity rhetoric in their electoral campaigns.
The Greek people forged conviction, trust and confidence in SYRIZA based on its struggles. And then, there was an attempt to crush that confidence and trust all during the period leading up to the June election.
These attempts were not successful. On the contrary, SYRIZA demonstrated itself as a central political actor in the life of our community.
The Greek people are now recovering and building their fighting spirit. No one can fail to appreciate this reality.

Expect more of these articles that focus on events in Italy and Spain in the near future. -

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