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Monday, July 23, 2012

Syria next pawn in US war game

Syria is one more link to the perpetual war for US hegemony in the Middle-east. Syria is like a replay of Libya. No two countries are exactly the same, but the so called rebels, The Free Syrian Army, are obviously supported by the US and its allies.
This is especially true with Turkey, which is openly supporting the rebels with arms. Turkey is an authoritarian regime, which locks up political prisoners and has been a staunch US ally. Even if Turkey is looking out for its own interest, that interest helps the US.

President Bashar al-Assad has been an ally of Iran, the country the US lost from its dictator puppet Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī. With Assad out of the way, the US is one step closer to invading Iran and installing its own dictatorship (or fake democracy). Iran is a good example of a revolution that is not in the interest of Marxists, socialists, or Maoists. In fact there is a large and active group of Maoist revolutionaries in Iran. Still there is nothing to be gained by allowing the US to take part in helping rebels in either country. The US wants to settle old scores and replace dictators such as Assad, with US puppets, as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The Free Syrian Army is probably just a cover for a few local groups and groups that owe their existence to either Turkey or the US.

Supporting anti-Assad rebels only gains for the US empire and its game of conquest in the Middle-east.

The US and NATO have used the UN as a façade of world support for calling on Assad to step down for humanitarian reasons. This is a joke considering US support for the brutal crackdown of protesters in Bahrain, by Saudi Arabian troops and the brutal US crackdown of its own Occupy movement. And now we see more police brutality here in the US (see video below). According to The New York Times;

“Susan E. Rice, the American ambassador to the United Nations, to say that the Security Council had “utterly failed” Syria and to pledge that the United States will now instead work “with a diverse range of partners outside the Security Council” to pressure the Assad government.” 

Again the blatant hypocrisy that the US is determined to “help the Syrian people” when all they really want is to expand US control of the region. សតិវ អតុ

Information from Kasama and The New York Times.

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