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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Syrian rebels agree to help Turkey crush Kurd rebels for weapons

There is a new development in the battle in Syria. Some leftist in the US have suggested the so called Free Syrian Army, (FSA) the rebels who are trying to topple Bashar al-Assad, are fighting for a legitimate cause. The FSA have now agreed to help Turkey crush the Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK.
This is one of the most reactionary rebel movements since the Nicaraguan Contras. This is the first rebel movement in the Middle-east to allow itself to be totally against an anti-imperialist and socialist worker’s movement that has battled a repressive regime for more almost 30 years. The FSA has literally agreed to send mercenaries into Turkey to fight against leftist Kurds in exchange for weapons.
Turkey is also fighting the Communist Party of Turkey, Marxist Leninist, (TKP/ML), which has a military wing and Maoist Communist Party (MKP) of Turkey and North Kurdistan and its military wing HKO. It is highly likely that Turkey will use the help of the FSA to help fight them as well.
If there was any doubt about opposing the Assad regime, this news should put an end to that, for anyone who considers themselves a Maoist, Marxist-Leninist or anti-imperialist of any kind. Despite the probable crimes of the Assad Regime, the rebels are much worse. CNN has reported that the new government in Libya is sending mercenary troops to help the FSA fight the Assad regime. They are regionalizing the war and are likely to cause way more death and destruction than the Assad regime. These rebels have already invited the US and NATO to help them. That was a bad sign already. Now it is clear that this group is becoming a catalyst to destroy all anti-imperialists and revolutionary groups in the region.
Although there is little we can really do to help Assad crush the rebels, we need to argue that the rebels deserve no aid or support of any kind. We will all be better off if the FSA is crushed and wiped out by Assad. -សតិវ អតុ

Holed up in a Turkish safe-house, a Kurdish commander of a Syrian rebel unit makes a novel pitch for more weapons to help his men fight the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

"I wish we could get some armed support from Turkey," said Ubed Muse, speaking to the AFP news agency during a break from the bloody battles in which he has led a band of 45 rebels near Aleppo, Syria's second city.

If his fighters could get help from Turkey, he said, they would return the favour by hitting the Kurdish militant group that has long been the arch-nemesis of Ankara, the Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK.

"If we - Kurds and Arabs - join ranks, and are able to get military support from Turkey, we can fight not only the regime but also the PKK," said Muse, sitting in the secret flat in Turkey's central Antakya province.

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The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) flag.

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