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Friday, August 10, 2012

Afghan resistance targets US military leaders

This latest bombing in Afghanistan was aimed at US leadership in that country. The suicide bomber had gained the trust of the US military officials and was able to kill high ranking Army officials.
It’s not surprising that these RESISTACE fighters are starting to aim at military leadership. The US routinely tries to kill off movements by aiming for their leaders. Drones are assassinating people believed to either run, aid or inspire those who fight against our mighty empire. Some of these resistance people are religious fanatics and not nice people, but having to face such persons is what happens when a country as the US tries to run the entire world and get all of the oil and resources.
Lately, in both the news and TV entertainment, US soldiers in Afghanistan are being idolized as “heroes who give their all for our freedom.”  There seems to be no acknowledgement that some US people are strongly opposed to this war.
In popular entertainment there have been a lot of police plots, such as one episode on the TV show “Bones” that shows one of the main characters in Afghanistan fighting Taliban soldiers who act like cowardly criminals rather than desperate people who want the sovereignty of their country back. The resistance is referred to as “the bad guys.” Other times they are referred to as “terrorists.”
No one is fighting for our freedom. This is a war of conquest over a small country to create a pro-imperialist puppet government. The heroics are a waist of human life. Our government is putting socialist and anarchist activists in jail, here at home, and treating them as terrorist for what they say and believe. Ask them if they feel free!
The resistance fighters are not “terrorists” or “bad guys.” They are fighting a foreign invader and they have that right. They are resisting the neo-colonialism in their country.
Let’s remind the mainstream news media that we are not fooled by the idealism and fetish of our so called “heroes.” They are conquerors for the empire plain and simple. Our freedom has nothing to do with that. -សតិវ​ អតុ

A senior U.S. Army soldier was killed along with a couple of majors by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, and three special forces soldiers were gunned down by an Afghan commander who had won their trust and invited them to dinner.
The suicide bomber struck Wednesday as a group of U.S. military and civilian officials from the 4th brigade, 4th Infantry Division were in Sarkowi in Kunar Province, which is located in eastern Afghanistan. The suicide attacker detonated an explosive vest near the group.
Killed in the attack were Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin J. Griffin, 45, of Laramie, Wyo., the brigade's senior enlisted soldier. As a command sergeant major, Griffin was one of the brigade's senior leaders and provided leadership and guidance to the 4,000 man brigade.
Also killed in the blast were Army Maj. Thomas E. Kennedy, 35, of West Point, N.Y., and Air Force Major Walter D. Gray, 38, of Conyers, Ga. Gray was an air liaison officer and flight commander attached to the brigade.

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An example of ABC News romanticizing the occupation troops in Afghanistan;

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