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Friday, September 14, 2012

Documents from the Communist Party of India (Maoist)

(July 2010 - July 2012)
Publisher’s Note
We are publishing here (below) the statements issued by the CC, CPI (Maoist)
from July 2010 to July 2012. This period is one of the most turbulent
periods in our country and the world and one of the toughest in terms of
intensification of the offensive of the Indian state on the revolutionary
movement in India. CPI (Maoist) responded to the various political changes
happening in the world and in our country in this period and categorically
stated its stand through these statements.
In view of the historical significance of these statements we have
compiled them and are placing the compilation before the cadres, the
people and all Maoist, progressive and democratic organizations, parties
and intellectuals in our country and abroad who stand in solidarity with
the Maoist movement. This compilation would be useful in informing the
organizations, parties and intellectuals who support the Maoist movement
about the viewpoint and stands of the party on various issues and would
also educate the cadres and the people about the same. The calls given
by the party on various issues in these statements were implemented by
the party cadres and thus these statements had significance in revolutionary
practice too.
In the backdrop of the ruling classes’ foul and vicious propaganda
increasing at an unprecedented scale as part of its psychological warfare
that is itself an integral part of the Low-Intensity Conflict strategy
implemented in our country under the guidance and full support of the US
imperialists, it has become utterly necessary for revolutionary propaganda
also to pose a formidable challenge to it. We hope that this compilation
also would play its role in countering the psy-war of the ruling classes on
the CPI (Maoist) and the revolutionary movement led by it. We appeal to
our cadres and sympathizers and supporters of our movement to use this
as a weapon in revolutionary propaganda in the fight against the foul
propaganda of the Indian State.
On the occasion of bringing this compilation, we humbly pay our red
homage to our beloved leaders Comrade Cherukuri Rajkumar (Politburo
member) and Comrade Mallojhala Koteswarlu (Politburo member) who
were spokespersons for the Central Committee and the Eastern Regional
Bureau respectively for their contribution in the field of political propaganda
in Protracted People’s War as spokespersons of the party. We had lost
both these great leaders of Indian Revolution in this period and this
compilation includes statements that paid rich tributes to them.
With Revolutionary Greetings
Central Committee
July 2012 CPI (Maoist)

Hail the Martyrdom of Comrade Azad .... 7
Hail the 6th Anniversary of Party Formation Day .... 12
Stay alert to the ruling classes’ attempt to divide us
on religious lines .... 18
Bandh call protesting the massacres of Kashmiris .... 21
Defy orders to kill the people of Lalgarh .... 26
Oppose Obama’s visit to India .... 28
Stop Army recruitments in Maoist movement areas .... 32
Unified Action Plan aimed to crush the revolutionary movement .... 35
Rebuild Babri Masjid at the same site .... 38
Protest week condemning the sentences of Dr. Binayak Sen,
Maoist leader Narayan Sanyal, Piyush Guha & Asit Sen Gupta .... 40
Red Homage to Comrade KG Kannabiran .... 45
Condemn fake encounters in Odisha .... 48
Protest week & Bharat bandh against price-rises, scams &
state terror .... 52
Condemn war on Libya, solidarity to people of Arab countries .... 58
Boycott Assembly polls in 5 states .... 64
Intensify mass struggles to end institutionalized corruption .... 69
Condemn state repression on people of Jaitapur .... 72
Condemn brutal murder of Osama Bin Laden .... 77
Bharat bandh protesting arrest of three CC members in Bihar .... 82
Indian Army GO BACK .... 89
Bharat bandh protesting arrest of Comrade Jagdish Master, PBM.... 94
Fight back the new state offensive on Chhattisgarh & Odisha .... 98
Protest week in Central Region against Army Training School
in Maad .... 103
Red Homage to Comrade Pattipati Venkateswarlu .... 105
Hail the heroic resistance of anti-POSCO agitators .... 108
Red Homage to Comrade RS Rao .... 113
Offer for talks by President a ploy to divert from the
reality of OGH-II .... 116
Withdraw death sentences of Jitan Marandi & others .... 119
Observe Martyrs’ Memorial Week – July 28 to August 3, 2011 .... 123
Condemn gruesome Mumbai bomb blasts .... 134
Throw into dust bin vicious propaganda by the state
on Maoist movement .... 138
Condolence message on demise of “Ka Roger” to CPP .... 142
Bharat bandh supporting “Sakala Janula Samme” .... 144
CMC call on 11th Anniversary of PLGA .... 148
Condemn brutal murder of Comrade Mallojula Koteswara Rao .... 153
Revolutionary greetings to the friends of Indian revolution .... 158
Condemn arrests of Maoists in Kolkata and Mumbai .... 162
Scrap the proposal for the formation of fascist NCTC .... 164
Revolutionary Greetings to NPA for Butuan Raid .... 168
Chidambaram has no moral right to talk about ‘kidnaps’ by Maoists...170
Expose the sham of 60 years of Parliamentary rule in India .... 174
Condemn the proposal to ban on Com. Jan Myrdal’s visits to India....178
Punish the perpetrators of Basaguda massacre .... 181
Sabyasachi Panda Expelled from Party .... 185
Homage to Com. Goru Madhava Rao .... 194
These articles can be accessed by clicking here, at Banned Thought.

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