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Monday, September 17, 2012

Representative Pompeo-Kansas repeats Romney’s folly


Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

US Representative Mike Pompeo, from Kansas, has repeated the accusation of Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney that President Barack Obama has a “Carter-Like Foreign Policy” that “Is Again Leading to Attacks on Our Nation.”
In a statement released today, Pompeo said;

“The attacks on our embassies in Cairo and Benghazi appear to have been well-coordinated, led by radical Islamists and aimed squarely at America and the freedoms we all value. Eerily reminiscent of the attack on the American embassy in Tehran during the Carter era, we can, again, see what happens when an American President refuses to demonstrate resolve and leadership. The lessons from 1979 have been lost on this administration. It does not understand that when American leaders apologize and express moral equivalence between those who obey the rule of law and those who plot to destroy our country, our enemies see a green light to attack us.”

By now Romney has had to eat his words. According to CBS’s Fact Check Friday, “he just got his facts backward on this. He got his timeline completely wrong,” Jackson told WCBS 880′s Wayne Cabot. The apology came before the demonstrations and had nothing to do with the riots against the embassy.
So why is Pompeo repeating an obvious lie? Apparently he figures his constituents will believe anything he says even if his statements have no truthful base to them. During the Jimmy Carter years, the US lost control of Iran to Islamic militants. The deposed Monarch of Iran, Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī, eventually went to the US for an operation. Iranian militants took hostages from the embassy to try and force Carter to give the Shah to the new Islamic government. Carter never did that.
The only similarities here are that both presidents had to deal with embassy violations. Pompeo is hoping he can count on people’s false impression that Carter somehow lost control of the embassy because he was apologetic to Iran. That just isn’t true. Carter never apologized for US foreign policy and neither has Obama. Obama’s foreign policy has been the same as the Republicans before him. Obama has supported the notion of an “American Century” in the Middle-east. That is the policy where the US is trying to replace the present governments in the Middle-east with more “American”-like governments. Carter pushed for human rights in Latin America and was accused of being “soft on US enemies” for it by conservatives. Obama has done nothing for human rights.
Pompeo should be embarrassed to repeat this false statement about Obama. Instead he hopes to gain from his misinformation and voter’s misconceptions about the Carter Administration. The two events have had nothing in common and Pompeo either knows it or he should know it.

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