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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bahrain- Prisoner of conscience dies due to lack of adequate health care, medical doctors arrested in house raids

Here is more news from Bahrain where the US has encouraged the government to forcefully crush an Arab spring movement. The government is now run by the military and nothing is said by President Barack Obama or his gang of imperialists who want democracy for one of their new puppets in Libya, but nothing like that for an ally, Bahrain. -សតិវ អតុ

 From Bahrain Center for Human Rights;

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR)expresses its grave concern over the death of a prisoner of conscience due to lack of adequate health care while in detention over false charges and the arrest of six medics in house raids after their verdicts were upheld in Cassation Court.
A prisoner of conscience dies due to lack of adequate health care
Mohammed Mushaima, a 22 year old prisoner, died October 2 at Salmaniya. He was arrested from the hospital last year when the military took over, and was sentenced by a military court to 7 years imprisonment despite his lawyers presenting documents proving that he was in the hospital at the time of his alleged crime (see copies of the documents below). He was accused with several made-up charges including "illegal gathering near the financial harbor". Mushaima suffers from severe sickle cell, and his lawyers had made several requests that he be release due to the severity of his condition. In secret phone calls, Mohammed told his lawyer that he was going to die if he was not released to receive the health care he needed for his condition. There are many prisoners of conscience in Bahrain that are in need for immediate medical treatment for being ill or seriously injured due to the regime’s use of excessive force. However, they are being denied medical care, including Mohammed Sahwan whose case was reported by the BCHR.

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