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Friday, October 05, 2012

Democrat Party pundit notices The World Can’t Wait protest

The World Can't Wait Organization has responded to an article by  Rebecca Solnit, in an article in where she defended the Democratic Party  against accusations that they ignore foreign policy violations.
The World Can’t Wait reprinted a clip from her article;
"At a demonstration in support of Bradley Manning this month, I was handed a postcard of a dead child with the caption 'Tell this child the Democrats are the lesser of two evils.' It behooves us not to use the dead for our own devices, but that child did die thanks to an Obama Administration policy. Others live because of the way that same administration has provided health insurance for millions of poor children or, for example, reinstated environmental regulations that save thousands of lives." 
They reprinted the pamphlet that she was criticizing;

It’s significant that Democrats are starting to notice that people are still concerned about human rights in other countries.  They seem to take it for granted that people will just care about Americans and ignore our present imperialist foreign policy that completely ignores the welfare of less fortunate people for this country’s own selfish gain. -សតិវ អត

The World Can’t Wait Replied with;

“Here's Sameeda Gul, looking right at the camera, clearly not dead, but injured by a U.S. drone.  We used her photo for our own "devices," namely bringing an image completely hidden to the U.S. public of a secret program killing civilians. Solnit goes on to criticize radicals who "are often obsessed with foreign policy to the exclusion of all else."

May we suggest, again, that anyone who puts a preference on lives of people from this country over the rest of the planet, and who relegates the longest occupation in U.S. history to a side issue, is complicit in its continuance?”

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