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Thursday, November 01, 2012

People of Manipur protest the repressive tactics of the Indian government

Dear Comrades,

The Indian government was surprised when they came to know that The Maoist Communist Party has some control of areas in Manipur. The reactionary occupation Indian Security forces launched a secrete operation against Maoist at some Maoist stronghold areas. They enter into the Maoist stronghold areas in civil dress and they attacking the civilian by hiding their identity. Maoist Communist Party, Manipur had condemned the coward attitude of the reactionary Indian Occupational force for their illegal entry into Maoist Control areas through the local medias on 29th October 2012. Now the peoples of such areas openly come to the street and start protest against Indian occupational forces. Our revolution has gradually advance in Political offensive and also in terms of military offensive. 

All Manipur Democratic Women Front (AMDWF) sit in protest

IMPHAL, October 31: Protesting the attack on a CRPF personnel by some individuals suspected to be security persons on the night of October 27 at around 8.30 pm, sit in protests were held at different locations today.
The protests were held at Lairensajik, Kadangban, Phayeng Keithel and parking of Singda Dam under Lamsang Police Station of Imphal West. The protest was organized by members of the All Manipur Democratic Women Front (AMDWF). ���We want to live in peace, We decry army rule and Remove AFSPA��� was highlighted in banners by the protestors.
A woman at the protest site mentioned that one Soibam Telheiba,42, s/o Jiten of Kadangban Part-1 who is posted at the CRPF Langjing Group Centre was returning home on the night of October 27. He was passing near the camp of the 10 AR located at Singda Patlam Mamang when 3 persons suspected to be security persons accosted him.
He was stopped and interrogated by the mentioned individuals. He was asked whether he knew the Maoist Communist Party activists and where their whereabouts are. He replied in the negative and at the instant one among them pulled out a knife and attacked him. The knife was deflected by Telheiba but got wounded on the chin.
He was also asked whether he knew Nungleppam Boby, Pradhan of Leirenkabi GP and ward member Ibohal. The matter was condemned by the public of the area and Telheiba���s mother sought clarification from the concerned individuals. Pradhan Boby also spoke to media and said that if is unfortunate if the attackers are indeed security persons. He appealed to the concerned to investigate and bring out the fact of the matter.

He said that it is unfortunate that he himself and ward member was mentioned by the attackers without any reason and appealed that such actions should not be repeated in future.

For details please visit the link:

Yours Comradely,
Comrade Sharad,
Maoist Communist Party, Manipur

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