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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Iran captures US Drone

Military secrets rarely stay secrets for long. Now Iraq has one of their (US Military) precious spy drones and they may learn more about how they work. Well—Duuu! Why does this country assume everyone else is an idiot who can’t figure out what we are doing?

Such an attitude is dangerous as the country may find out the hard way.  -សតិវ អតុ
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04 Dec All links are here:   Breaking: Iran Captures US Drone In Its Airspace 04 Dec Iran has "captured" a US drone gathering intelligence over Gulf waters after it entered its airspace, state media has reported. The report quoted the Revolutionary Guard's navy chief General Ali Fadavi on the "intruding" [aka illegally spying] ScanEagle drone, but offered no precise details on the location or how it had been seized by the Guards' naval unit.   US boosts number of spy drone flights over Iran [Oh dear. Looks like one just came to a bad ending.] 03 Dec 2012 Heightened concerns over Iran's potential development of a nuclear weapon have prompted the United States to increase its surveillance efforts overseas in the past two months, a new report claims.
From AP.

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