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Monday, January 28, 2013

New Delhi "capital of the rapes" Great and harsh manifestations of women

From Moaist, PCm Italy, a Leaflet from women MFPR;
Movimento Femminista Proletario Rivoluzionario;

After the gang rape in New Delhi against a 23 year
old women student, which took place on December
19th, great mass protests erupted across the
country. On the way back from the cinema, the
young woman with a friend were on a private bus
to go home. The bus turned out to be a trap; aboard
six men, including the driver, have beaten the boy
with a metal bar, then savagely beat and raped the
girl, then smashed out the two along a freeway.
Tens of thousands of people, i n c l u d in g m a n y
women and y o u n g p e o p l e
demonstrated in New Delhi and other Indian cities,
in a spontaneous outburst of indignation and anger
provoked by yet another case of brutal sexual
violence that killed the girl, who died after a few
days in the hospital due to serious injuries.
How hypocritical and false echoed the
"interventions" of Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh and leader of the Congress Party, Sonia
Gandhi, about the brutal violence.
Minister Singh, Gandhi, despite on paper India is
called "the largest democracy in the world",
represent instead one of the most reactionary
bourgeois governments of the world that for years
has been implementing a genocide against its own
people, one billion and two hundred million
people, the majority of whom live on about 50
cents a day while the great wealth concentrated in
a few men of the big bourgeoisie and landlords. It
is a government that allows the massive
exploitation and plunder of resources and raw
materials in the country by "corporations" of the
imperialist countries; corporations that are free to
operate in it without constraints, forcing millions
of people to the status of refugees in their country,
expelled from land where their ancestors have
always lived in a state of heavy oppression and
cancellation of rights, even the most basic, which
in particular for women turns into a triple,
quadruple oppression, class, gender, caste,
religion... of which sexual violence is the most
tragic plight.
But against all this for years the greatest
revolutionary party of the world, the Maoist
Communist Party of India, leads a great
"people's war" to put an end to this barbaric
practice which results in continuous starvation
d e a t h s , suicides and killings by
Police and m i l i t a r y government
a g a i nst those who
rebel; a people's war in which women, Maoist
comrades, participate in their thousands,                                                                              
women for whom in many cases the violence
and rapes suffered, used by the government as a
weapon of state repression, became a lever to
rise up and join a people's war advancing day
by day, as the largest part of the general
revolutionary current that ultimately will
overthrow the existing social system of
capitalism and imperialism.
From Associations of Indian women in struggle;

It's a Time for Grief, Mourning and For a Solemn Resolve - To Take the Struggle Forward for a World Where
Women Can Have Freedom, Rights and Justice.
We condole the sad passing of the brave rape survivor of Delhi, who battled her assailants and her horrendous
injuries with so much courage and endurance. We stand by her family in this time of unimaginable grief and
mourning. This is a time for mourning, for inner reflection, and also for a resolve to take the struggle forward for
justice, rights, and freedom for women in our society. We all feel immense anger and outrage at the cruel way in
which a young woman’s life was taken. It is important that the anger be directed at the root causes of violence
against women in society, as well as at the system and institutions that fail to defend women’s right to freedom
without fear.
As we approach a sad end to the year, full of grief and anger, let us resolve that the new year to come will be one
where we resist discrimination and violence against women in every way – in our homes, on the streets and public
spaces, in every institution. Let us declare zero tolerance for discrimination and violence against women, and vow
to uproot patriarchal oppression from our society.
Let us unite to demand accountability from the government, police, judiciary. No longer will we tolerate the antiwomen
statements and policies from those in power. We demand justice, freedom and rights for women!
AIPWA, AISA, RYA, Jan Sanskriti Manch, and Many Other Common Students, Women and Men

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