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Saturday, February 23, 2013

"A bridge to women in India"

From Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement and Maoist List;
To the communist women, to all women's organisations
To all forces of the International Committee to Support the People's War in
To all parties and organisations mlm and antimperialist forces

The International Committee to support people's war in India, in the meeting
following the successful International Conference in Hamburg, made the
decision to organize an initiative at the international level for the
International Women's day, the next 8th of march, as part of a new campaign
to support the People's War in India.

This decision is the result, on the one hand, of the proposal put forward in
the Hamburg Conference by the women comrades of the PCm Italy, the
Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement, to build a "bridge" to the
world of women's struggles, looking at the currently most advanced and
richest experiences, those of the women fighters of the CPI(M) in the
People's War, and, secondly, it responds to the great attention that there
has been all over the world on the rapes and the following huge
demonstrations of women in India - that the Indian regime claimed have been
organized by Maoists, thus confirming itself the strength of the people's
That "bridge", the exposure of the low-intensity war against women, in Italy
as in India and around the world, made of rapes and murders, of which the
comrades of RPFM had spoken in Hamburg, few days after the Conference
appeared almost a premonition.

Therefore, the next 8th of March, surely initiatives will take place in
Italy, Brazil, France, etc.. We call all the communist and revolutionary
women and forces of the International Committee to realize actions in all
countries in that day - with women demonstrations in front of Indian
Embassies, Consulates, and more.
The larger will be the number of initiatives realized in that day, the
stronger will be the echo in many other countries of the battle to unleash
the fury of women as a powerful force for the revolution against the
capitalist social system, of which the oppression of women is one of the
basic pillar, in order to assert in the international communist movement the
centrality at the strategic, ideological and political levels for making
revolution of the issues and role of women.
Then the "bridge" will not be only virtual but will begin to become real!

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement
Generated organization of the PCm Italy

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