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Monday, March 11, 2013

Italy— PCM Italy over death of Hugo Chávez

A Google Translation, From Proletariat Communist Italy;
-In the death of Chavez - hands down Yankee imperialism
Latin America
Chavez is a fighter against U.S. imperialism, in defense of
Venezuela's national independence in the context of the struggle of all
Latin America.
He deserves respect and honor for this and is just what the masses of
poor in Venezuela, Latin America and other parts of the world say.
It is important now denounce and combat role of imperialism
U.S. - perhaps in his own death - trying to get their
Venezuela hands.
that said Chavez represents neither the proletariat nor the Communists, nor is the
genuine anti-imperialist or Venezuela or in the world and therefore
are completely out of place on this occasion of positions
defense and praise of Trotskyist groups and communists who spread false -
group in Italy also degenerated neorevisionista and electioneering carc-NPCI.

PCM Italy

March 7, 2013

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