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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey greedy scumbags! Kansas Gov. Brownback is calling!

Gov. Sam Brownback has been on a two-day national media blitz in New York promoting the state’s new lower income tax rates. He wants to promote the state for shysters, greedy corporations and those who want to take advantage of our states resources without paying for any of it.
His trip was covered by The Wichita Eagle last week. Brownback said he was seeking “tax refugees,” last Thursday, on a Bloomberg TV interview.
Any intelligent people in New York, where the interview was held, must surely wonder what there is to do in Kansas. What do they get for those big tax breaks? They get to live in one of the stodgiest boring big cities in the US. There are bars and churches. Those who drive to bars will find they get a steady diet of police harassment if they drink even a very small amount of liquor, especially in the Old Town area.
Brownback likes to let his corporate buddies Welch on their fair share of income tax rates which he reduced, eliminated income taxes for most small businesses and farms and lowered rates for individual income taxpayers. All this is designed to bring in the coldest hearted self-centered dim wits that have already overrun our state.
Brownback knows the common people see him as a dim-witted short-sited egotist. He needs all the help he can get so he wants to bring in as many greedy scumbags as he can to expand his political base. The question is “are cheaper taxes worth it to live in this culturally desolated shit-hole?”  


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Anonymous said...

Good commentary! But you know what he's touting to those NY billionaires - slave labor and tax-free land. What else?