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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Towards a Proletarian, Red, Internationalist May Day

From PCm Italy;

This year we are working, together with other communist Maoist parties
and MLM organizations, on a statement that can unite the
Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in the world and give them an instrument to bring
an orientation in the international communist movement and to participate
vigorously in the initiatives of May Day in the world.

The collapse of Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, caused primarily by
the delirious post-MLM line of RCPUS and Bob Avakian, along with the
emergence within our ranks of the shameless revisionism of the
Prachanda-Battarai clique in Nepal, has created a vacuum in which some MLM
Communist Parties members of the RIM have, with a Special Meeting held last
year, tried to reverse the trend and gradually create the conditions for an
international conference that would give birth - based on an assessment of
the experience of RIM and other international organizations in recent years
and a new principled and program Declaration - to a new MLM International
Organisation adequate to our times and resulting form the unity of the
genuine forces of our movement, first of all the parties leading people's
war in their countries.

In this May Day, we must emphasize and give importance to this work and the
necessary steps to bring it to the goal.

We never conceived this work as 'merely internal' to the parties that were
members of the RIM; rather, it is addressed to all Parties and Organizations
of the International Communist Movement. Furthermore, it is conceived 'in
the fire of class struggle and closely linked to the masses', that means to
call to rally the forces, big or small, that exist in the reality and act in
the real class struggle of the proletarians and peoples of the world, not
only on the internet, beyond the role, often commendable, played by the
Maoist blogs.

This means that we call all MLM parties and organizations to concentrate
their efforts for an International Conference, to give their contribution
for a summation of the experience and a common General Line to be built
collectively. We ask everyone not to put stakes and limits to the important
goal of giving birth to a new international MLM Organization.

What we need are clear demarcating points, even if differently interpreted,
not to waste our time: the struggle against revisionism as the main enemy,
the delimitation from those who have led the RIM to collapse - Avakian's RCP
US and the Prachanda Battarai clique, the application of Maoism to the
concrete reality, particularly the People's Wars applied to the concrete
conditions of each country.

Those who share these delimitating points can and must unite to realize the
International Conference as soon as possible.

At the conference, a deep debate and struggle should be developed between
the forces in the field to achieve a higher level unity.

The PCm-Italy is ready to assume its responsibility to hold this Conference
within the current year, without any hegemonist or 'top of the class'
spirit, but in the spirit of being at the service of the international
communist movement, the proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world.

All decision-making powers on contents and forms of organization -
Declaration, organizing Center, internal rules, campaigns, press and web
tools - will be undertaken by the International Conference.

The recent International Conference in support of People's War in India held
in Hamburg, although ot was different initiative open to all
anti-imperialist, has created better conditions for the Maoists to advance
to the International Conference, has encouraged this line and this effort
and so we salute with enthusiasm the continuation of the work of the
International Committee and the work to build a new international day of
support on June-July, in the date to be decided jointly by the Committee.

But now, in particular from the May Day onwards, we have to advance towards
the realization of the International Conference of the MLM Parties and
organizations. Therefore we have to intensify the theoretical-ideological
work, political confrontation, organized activity - all meetings, seminars,
etc. if necessary - but we must go to this conference, to respond
positively to the tasks of the revolution that the current international
situation puts forward.

Let us go ahead, comrades, let us make the May Day more and more red and
internationalist, let us make a step towards the historical enterprise that
is today the revolutionary liberation of the proletariat and the people of
the whole world, the path to socialism and communism.
Partito Comunista maoista -  Italy

10 March 2013

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