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Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston gets its pigeon—the triumph of US Fascism!

The suspected bomber has been caught. They have confirmed that he has not been read his rights because this is a case where they don’t have to. US constitutional rights don’t count when a person is labeled a terrorists. This is US fascism.
US jingoism, fascism and the crudeness that is now typical of the American psyche has been on display as this terrorist suspect has been captured. It is Amazing that he wasn’t killed by the CIA torture team that will now attempt to “interrogate him,” if he ever regains concousnes.
This is the US—and torture and murder is now a way of life. Such tactics will not bring back the dead nor restore limbs lost or scares healed. This man may have been involved in a heinous crime—yet if not, he will be subjected to a violation of human rights and tortured anyway. That is the kind of country we now live in. A person’s rights are not important anymore. Just getting “our man” is what counts.
Innocent until proven guilty?—not in this case!
-សតិវ អតុ

Boston Suspect's Aunt - My Nephews Are Innocent 

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