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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Crisis in France and the development of FRAP

From La Cause du Peuple;

A Google translation;

The situation for the masses only deteriorate. The government is showing its true face watchdog of capitalism and the state apparatus used to implement the restructuring of capitalism in our country. The closures can not be counted, unemployment has passed the 10.5%, excluding the unemployed part-time and uncompensated.

For deficits, the government is like the previous one: it increases taxes, exempts employers to reduce labor costs and supports the agreement reached between the flexibility of the MEDEF and the three signatory unions. He will do pass this law will pass without opposition in Parliament. Confederations CGT and do not want to sign the state but are willing to discuss the contents, which does not solve the problem on the bottom. This agreement will allow employers to dismiss virtually no benefits, no social, reduce working hours, to partial unemployment and render inoperative any proceedings before the Labour Court, appellate courts, courts of cassation. Unions are called by the state and the MEDEF to work in instances of companies to implement flexibility. This is not far from the open and co paves the way for corporatism.


Workers on the Front
Resistance is prepared: plants threatened closures are organized. In the current phase, workers and workers coordinate, carry out actions "punch" and intervene with other sectors in struggle threatened, as PSA where workers fighting turn to outsourcing to d other automotive companies. Joint events held outside the headquarters of PSA, Virgin, Goodyear, etc.. The government sends its massive guard dogs in Rueil to defend the headquarters of the liquidators of the tool, that is to say, the livelihoods of workers. Goodyear workers fought bravely bare hands surarmées forces of the capitalist state who intends to defend its system, by all means defend the sacrosanct private property of the means of production, dominated by finance capital.

Trade union confederations, parties say they understand the anger of workers include, but does not justify, much less encourage it. They call the state to compel employers to maintain employment, to seek buyers who insult workers or blow hot and cold.

The leftist government will grant amnesty unionists condemned by the right-wing government, but the threat of prosecution against the Goodyear workers and other unionists protest today.

On the Housing Front
A few months ago, the government was talking to examine the law of requisition of vacant but did nothing, if not evict the squatters. Of all ages, more and more people are forced to sleep outside. Insecurity is so great that hundreds of thousands of people, employed or unemployed, single women or young students, etc.., Who can no longer make ends meet are forced to resort to charities who themselves , no longer able to provide emergency assistance.

The DALO adopted by the previous government after the national struggle of SDF supported by several organizations and associations, is not or poorly enforced, emergency housing no longer faces. The government, instead of applying the law of massively requisition, defends private property, the regional, departmental, municipal, even "left", take no initiative to call for massive requisition.

If associations struggle for housing rally, practicing requisitions or organizing the defense of the tenants, it is not enough. That is why it is necessary to form a Front Housing to make these occupations so massive.

On the Student Front
Students ask:
- The repeal of the LRU and a new law that addresses the real problems of the university;
- A firm budgetary commitment of the government to defend public services and transfer payroll to the State to prevent the endangerment Financial universities;
- A budgetary commitment to promote basic research and collective;
- A budgetary commitment to encourage appropriate pedagogies, including L1 level that demands low effective TD;
- A reform that absorbs 55000 precarious who daily turn on university contracts often placed outside any labor law (including CDD renewed, vacations);
- The abandonment of individual evaluation procedures by multiple instances and local conservation of national assessment and national criteria for career advancement (CNU, HDR), strengthening the collegial management universities and assessment procedures;
- A reform that think all education and research, instead of opposing them.

The Department of Sociology at Nanterre, with its history, calls on all actors of higher education and research, the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre Defence and throughout France, to oppose the LRU and conduct all actions necessary to allow the university community to be finally heard by the government. These claims also mobilize to Paris VIII.


FRAP is composed of three main fronts: Workers' Front, Housing Front which includes life in the neighborhoods and the Student Front.

We focused our efforts on the Front worker in our support for several months for workers in struggle PSA, Goodyear, Virgin, Renault, spreading the Cause du Peuple and leaflets calling to unite the basic union and non-unionized employers and cons conciliators, and participating in actions. The majority of union members are fighting to CGT, but also South and FO, very few are the CFDT. Many are outside the unions. Workers in struggle are not supported by the confederations and take their struggles hands. Confederations have an online open collaboration, or of class conciliation. Only the reorganization of the labor movement on the basis of the class struggle, advocating the total emancipation of the workers against the exploiting class, may oppose this policy liquidator, by the base unit in each company joining union various unions and non-unionized by the coordination of struggles for form one, a united struggle to expand to all businesses.

On the Front Housing, we have led the fight alongside the workers in struggle in La Courneuve, Montreuil and Epinay. Despite the links developed between these struggles, the front has not been able to establish a stable, due to sectarian activities on the one hand and repression on the other hand, isolating the struggles each other. Today, the struggle for housing remain too isolated from each other despite the hard work spent by groups and organizations. It is necessary to consolidate the various struggles to develop a power therefore. That is why we recommend building a Front of housing in each neighborhood and across the country for the generalization of the occupation of empty slots.

Experience on the Front Student support workers' struggles on the basis of their claims by organizing solidarity meetings as was done at Sciences-Po Paris and VIII and from the factory gates in struggles is positive. The development of these experiments can be done through the revolutionary ideological struggle at all levels.

The link between Front worker, as Front Main and other fronts of struggle is natural. The complementarity of these struggles is obvious but still great work to build the revolutionary unity necessary to the progress of the class struggle significantly. Only a struggle towards the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist state and the construction of a society where political power and the means of production are in the hands of workers can solve the problems of employment, housing and the education, as well as all other problems faced daily workers.

We invite everyone to come next Saturday, April 20 in Paris to discuss these issues and see how we can move forward together. (See below and next page)

 Raise our heads and take our business in hand!

Let us widen the resistance to power the revolutionary torrent!

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