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Sunday, April 21, 2013

South Wind Women’s Center offers abortion in Wichita again

Ever since the murder of Dr. George Tiller, anti-abortion religious zealots, have celebrated and tried to make sure that no one ever opens up another abortion clinic is Wichita. At one point they wanted to set up a monument to an “abortion-free Wichita.”
Now they can stop celebrating as the resilience of those who believe in women’s health care has triumphed and the South Wind Women’s Center has now opened in Wichita. It will offer early term abortions as a part of overall health care for women.
Julie Burkhart, Founder & Director, released this statement;
"We did it! South Wind Women’s Center, LLC is open and ready to provide full spectrum reproductive healthcare to Wichita for the first time in nearly four years! What an amazing accomplishment….
The nationwide support and coverage surrounding our opening has truly blown us away!"

Burkhart gave examples of press she got from Rachel Maddow, The New York Times and Religion Dispatches.
One major problem for the center are the far-right anti-abortion groups that rely on terrorism and intimidation against abortion providers, such as Pastor Mark Holick. He has been accused by Burkhart and others of harassing workers at South Wind.
Kari Ann Rinker, an Independent women’s rights Activist recently wrote in her blob, Reality Check;
Wichita, Kansas is the place that many anti-choice terrorists call home. The location has spawned several far-right fringe terrorist leaders. Randall Terryand Troy Newman both have roots in Wichita and both men are well-known for their radical exploits. Anti-choice terrorists seem to be drawn to the city like moths to a flame. Cheryl Sullenger transplanted herself here after finding the state of California unwelcoming and Jennifer McCoy, convicted of committing arson upon two Virginia abortion clinics, both now make Wichita their home. Many of these local terrorists had ties to Scott Roeder, who assassinated Dr. George Tiller…..
For now, there is a doctor who will perform abortions at South Wind. She is aware that her life is in danger for what she is doing and she is willing to take that risk. She will not be performing late term abortions as Tiller did. The anti-abortion zealots constantly under estimate the resilience of the pro-women’s groups in Wichita. Despite all their wins in the Kansas legislature, they have not been able to block women from getting badly needed health care including abortion.

Wichita Police arrest Mark Holick in Wichita, Kansas.

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