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Monday, May 06, 2013

Ombudsman National Gercino landowners and major command Ênedy campaign to criminalize the struggle for land

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In April, a few pages of online news broadcasted photos of firearms with the inscription "LCP". Matters were confused: the title saying "GOE seizes firearms in Theobroma", since the text spoke to the Civil Police of Porto Velho arrested a suspect robbing the post office of Alto Paraíso. Still contained the news that the author was Major Cavalcanti Pliny, commander PM Jaru. No, this is not a major Pliny incompetence in the field of journalism. The matter is confusing on purpose is to deceive the public that the LCP is a criminal organization and that the grounded power outlets are full of bandits. So is justified all violence and irregularities that the old state always committed against those who fight for the sacred right to land.

These matters are more internet a fake police that needs to be clarified.

The LCP is a peasant organization fighting for the sacred right to land to those who live and work. Due to this, the large estates always hated us and sent his henchmen, private and police to chase us hard. Certainly, this marking the weapons was made by the police, one more frame to incriminate us.

Since February, the 7th Battalion of the Military Police (in Porto Velho), commanded by Major Ênedy, is conducting a major operation in Theobroma and region with the stated goal of fighting bandits and meet warrants repossession. This goal itself is nonsense! As the increase in crime was the fault of the new land taken.

Since July 2012, 7 outlets of land occurred in the region of Jaru, bringing together more than 500 families, mostly poor peasants. The delegate Solomon said Matos found during investigations that most families camped was not poor. But what investigation? No farmer reported that someone in the camp appeared to wonder where they came from and why we were camping. No one was to know the families who lived on the collective power of the camp and then dump the besiegers had to ask neighbors a place to stay because they had no where to go. Nobody visited the dozens of children who were not studying.

Do not forget that the major Pliny has a well qualified teacher to criminalize the struggle for land: Major Ênedy, old persecutor of the LCP. His last lie was told in a meeting with farmers in Monte Negro in April: "Everyone wants peace and live well, the PM is there to provide security from the doctor to the most humble and poor citizens." Joke!

The same is said of the Ombudsman landowners Gercino da Silva in the last 25 days in Porto Velho: "Donate who hurt, those who commit lawlessness will suffer the consequences." Another threat to the peasants because he gave this statement during a meeting of the Committee Combating Violence in the Field, which has not a single word about the crimes of the police: intimidation, beatings, torture, death threats, burning huts and performance with gunmen! No word on who forgets the righteousness of the law defense of life and social use of land and expedite eviction and arrest of peasant leaders in faster! No word on the abandonment of agrarian reform by Incra! But for Gercino, this is not illegal ...

Look at some of the facts of this criminal campaign to criminalize the struggle for land, denounced by peasants of various areas of the Jaru:

1. In November 2012, three armed gunmen were arrested by the PM with 1 double-barreled shotgun 12 gauge, 1 carbine .38 and 2 .38 revolvers, but were released shortly after. As the former mayor of Porto Velho who stole millions and was not one day in jail. On the other hand, farmers are arrested on charges of leading grounded power outlets. This is how the three powers of the old state govern Brazil: attempt on the life of people is not a crime, but who struggle for a piece of land to live in dignity and contribute to the development of the region and nation is humiliated, persecuted, threatened death, imprisoned, tortured and murdered.

2. On April 08, police arrested Maicon José Gonçalo Sabino, accused of a murder. We learned that after he was arrested, was so badly beaten that day was no walk right up to today and is deaf in one ear.

3. For weeks, police and GOE PM, heavily armed raid conducted on the roads, stopping residents often very aggressively and even in front of children. The police asked if the person was of the movement, as if the LCP and other social organizations were criminal entities. Reported that a peasant came to being beaten by police in these blitz. These criminal blitz decreased after public act we perform in Jaru, on April 9 where denounce the criminalization campaign.

4. On February 25, the camp was evicted Good Future. Police threatened a lady of 82 years just because your lot abuts the camp without permission and went through his lot. Also broke the lock of the gate of another owner neighbor. Peasants reported seeing four heavily armed gunmen, who helped the police take down the shacks with a loader and fire. Farmers complained that they were armed, but police did nothing. Then the peasants were camped in a neighboring lot, with the permission of the owner. On April 6, 2013, the GOE were 4 cars to the location, they found no one and set fire to the huts, with all household belongings inside.

5. Peasants camp Ze Porphyry were evicted and taken to the station Jaru, where they were treated as criminals and coerced during the depositions. The delegate of Jaru threatened to kill one of the camp leaders. After the eviction, the GOE police returned to the area and were awaiting the arrival of the landowner Oswaldo Nicoletti to personally help felling and burning the huts of the peasants. A worker heard a policeman say: "Well he could appear a 3 landless people to cut back on the bullet." Farmers also reported that in April, when police were meet several arrest warrants threatened: "We'll take them dead or alive."

6. An old man and two smaller camp Fortaleza were arrested by the police and even rendered suffered an interrogation with various tortures to inform on the leaders. The police beat the peasants and threatened with a knife, put them in the car, threw pepper gas and shut all doors and windows. One of the peasants became ill. The police took them to the hospital, but not before threatening them if assignment: tell doctor assaults. Even so, one of the peasants denounced the doctor, who told the police: "You did something wrong." But the medical report was with the police.

7. Farmers reported that armed gunmen approached passersby on the line C-45 and they suspected to be camped. Required document and threatened: "The campers will be played on the bullet." At night, the gunmen lit the camp and threw up, to terrorize families. Some cartridges were collected by peasants. Peasants recognized some of the gunmen and suspect they are coordinated by PM André and Chicão, son and son of Mrs. Rose, respectively.

8. The Public Prosecutor of Jaru, Mr. Adilson, has attacked the land occupations claiming to preserve the environment, but does not say a word about the clearings made by landowners, including those who claim to be owners of land. In public, the prosecutor said Adilson a person known as Jacamim was peasant leader and the next day, elements fired in the air in front of the residence of Jacamim. Do not forget that Adilson was military policeman in Corumbiara and participated in the heinous massacre of Santa Elina!

9. At the end of the act in tribute to fellow Renato, on the 9th of April, Jaru, a teacher who left the scene of the act was threatened by a police officer in a squad car. He stopped beside the car and the teacher with the raised finger said, "Wait!"

10. Peasants throughout Rondônia are complaining of aggressive approaches the police, fining and seizing bikes at slightest irregularity. After all, police repression and tax collection is a summary of the functions of the old state to the people.

State Terrorism

It is no coincidence that Rondônia exceeded the number of deaths in Pará in the field, which has not happened for 25 years. We agree with our fellow CPT qualified violence against peasants of "state terrorism."

We must unite all farmers, workers and other city workers, students, professors and other intellectuals honest, small and medium landowners, small and medium traders, Democrats and good people to fight over this vicious campaign against the land struggle and to defend the Agrarian Revolution.

Fighting for the earth is not a crime!
Conquer the land, destroy landlordism!
Land to those who live and work!
Live the Agrarian Revolution!

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